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Enamine Charity Fund Supports Ukrainian Students During War in Ukraine


The Enamine Charity Fund is dedicated to helping people in need and also to helping students get back to safe studying during the time of war in Ukraine.

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Enamine Charity Fund Report

Dear Friends,


On February 24, Russian army attacked Ukraine at the full scale of its military potential, and started the bloodiest war in the European continent since WWII. As it is unfolding, more and more shocking crimes are committed by Russian forces against Ukrainian civilians. What happened in the cities of Irpen and Bucha shocked not only Ukrainians, but the whole civilized world.


The launch of Enamine Charity Fund was the practical answer by our team to the increasing crisis in Ukraine, and we are thankful to everyone who contributed money to help us provide help to our fellow Ukrainians, including our colleagues and friends in Irpen and Bucha.

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Call for Donations to Support Ukraine

enamine charity fund

We, at Enamine, have united to resist at our level the Russian invasion. We help to acquire non-lethal military aid to enhance the defense of Ukraine, provide medical supplies to the hospitals, provide sponsorship for science and education in Ukraine, and help our employees scattered by war across Ukraine and abroad. Our own funds are limited as we have had to put on hold most of our projects and we will greatly appreciate your donations, which we will immediately use for the urgent needs of today! This is the most direct help to Ukraine.

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