Accumulating the chemical knowledge and experience since 1991 helped Enamine to shape itself into a reliable partner in comprehensive research projects and services.

Library Synthesis

Services ranging from the synthesis of composed chemical libraries to the assistance in designing and developing a library from a scratch.

Custom Synthesis

Applying the top-level chemical experience of Enamine’s chemistry team for implementation of the complex, daring and cutting-edge scientific ideas in synthesis.

FTE Support

  • Leveraging our Building Block catalog advantage and vast expertise, our chemists can accelerate and enhance on-going discovery projects.
  • Leveraging our Building Block catalog advantage and vast expertise for accelerating your discovery projects.

CADD Full Assistance

Experience full-stack support provided by Enamine's CADD team in accelerating every phase of your drug discovery process: from target investigation and modeling to hit identification seamlessly transitioning into lead optimization, harness the power of our cutting-edge computational methodologies for impeccably refined outcomes.


Integrated end-to-end CRO services, covering all aspects of early drug discovery from the drug idea through Hit Finding and Lead Optimization stages to Formulation Studies.

Hit Follow up support

Providing analogs from stock collection, REAL database, individual design of compounds for hit follow-up process that can be strengthened by Enamine biology team.

Compound Library Management