Screening Collection

We are proud to offer the world’s largest off-the-shelf collection of compounds for biological screening. Comprising of 3M+ drug-like structures our collection has been proven to be an excellent source of starting points for the development of MedChem targets and analogues for hit expansion. Outstanding diversity of our collection ensures efficient coverage of the entire chemical space of commercially available screening compounds.

The compounds can be easily searched and purchased at or requested as a cherry-picked set. Our CADD team is at your service to compile pre-profiled or target-focused compound selections via filtering by phys-chem parameters, similarity and substructure searches, ligand-based and structure-based virtual screening, as well as pharmacophore modelling.


Through Enamine’s in-house validated parallel synthesis technology our screening collection is complemented with 150 000 new compounds yearly.

Thanks to the early focus of the company on development of its own inventory of MedChem relevant Building Blocks, the key emphasis of synthesis of new screening compounds is placed on the structural quality, uniqueness, diversity and molecular profile compliant with the modern trends in drug design.

Collection Structure

All Screening compounds in our stock are split into Premium, Advanced, HTS and Functional Collections in accordance with their key structural aspects and molecular properties:

HTS Collection: Comprehensive Drug-like compound set for high-throughput screening
  • Most extensive
  • Most diverse
  • Most affordable
Advanced Collection: Most recently synthesized Lead-like compounds
  • Ultimate novelty (<2-years)
  • Structures well-suited for lead discovery and targeted library design
  • Valuable pharmacophores present & Rigorous MedChem filters applied
Premium Collection: The compounds with most favorable phys-chem profile synthesized in our lead-oriented synthesis program
  • Outstanding structural quality and uniqueness
  • Excellent synthetic tractability
  • Prompt and efficient hit-follow-up guaranteed
Functional Collection: Versatile compounds with biological activity or specific structural features
  • Known bioactive compounds referred in open public domain
  • Covalent binders available
  • Compounds for PROTAC design
Liquid Stock:
  • Cherry-picking about 300k pre-dissolved compounds
  • Quickest delivery
  • Readily available as up to 10uL of 10mM DMSO solutions

Notably, according to the feedback from our most significant customers, the majority of sizable compound selections purchased for screening campaigns are compiled of at least 50% of Enamine compounds.

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Availability, Packaging, Quality Control

The compounds are available in multi-milligram amounts sufficient for fast re-supply (typically 100-300 mg). The samples are mainly stored as dry powders and can be delivered either dry, or as DMSO solutions of preferred concentration and volume, including “assay-ready”, in containers of your choice:

  • individual vials, 96-, 384- or 1536-well microplates
  • 2D-barcoded tube racks and Echo-qualified source plates

Mostly oily and sticky compounds are stored and shipped as DMSO solutions and are included to “Liquid Stock” to ensure smooth handling.

All Enamine compounds undergo rigorous quality control with LCMS and/or 1H NMR to meet the requirement of 90% purity. Higher quality standards (95%, 97%) are achievable via additional HPLC purification at extra charge. To ensure greater accuracy of the screening results we guarantee fast hit re-supply from the same batch in most cases. Additional purification and enhanced characterization can be offered as an additional service package.

Selected publications

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  2. Identification and validation of potent Mycobacterial proteasome inhibitor from Enamine library.
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  3. Evolution of commercially available compounds for HTS.
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