Bioactive Collection

Compounds with annotated activity data

4 265 compounds

We have synthesized and collected over 4 200 compounds with known biological activity including over 1 040 FDA-approved drugs, tool compounds, metabolites, prodrugs, and drug candidates currently in clinical trials.


  • Fully annotated: all compounds are provided with literature references and biological activity data.
  • Custom Synthesis and Compound Sourcing: we can supply almost any compound either through in-house synthesis or through our supplier network.
  • Analogs: provided by searches in 36B compounds across our Screening Collections, REAL Database and REAL Space or by enumeration of new hit follow-up libraries.

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Bioactive Collection

4 265 compounds for cherry-picking

A comprehensive searchable database including literature references and activity/selectivity values towards different targets is available through a custom request form.


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