Hit Follow up Support

The success of a hit finding campaign heavily depends on quality of screening library and hit confirmation process. We offer seamless support in following-up the hits identified after screening of our Compound Libraries.

  • Hit Confirmation: dry samples resupplied from the same batch, QC check, HPLC repurification, chiral resolution, impurities identification.
  • Analogs: search within over 4.3M stock Screening Collection, REAL Database and REAL Space. Enumeration of new hit follow-up libraries.
  • Resynthesis: typically within 3 weeks following in-house synthesis protocols.


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If you purchase our screening library, you can fully benefit from our Compound Management services. We offer storage of the libraries in a special low-temperature facility and delivery of plate copies for screening or hit confirmation on your order.


Hit Confirmation

  • Resupply from the same batch
  • Quality control using advanced techniques
  • HPLC purification, chiral separation
  • Resynthesis and structure confirmation

Hit Expansion

  • Analogs in Screening Collection, REAL Database and REAL Space
  • Follow-up libraries design and enumeration of new molecules
  • In silico screening services: Pharmacophore modeling and docking calculation, MD simulations.

Hit to Lead

  • FTE-based Chemistry support
  • Broad ADME panel
  • PK studies


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