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Compound Libraries

Diversity Libraries

A complete suite of non-overlapping screening libraries ranging from 5k to 500k compounds. Diverse and carefully selected from lead-like chemotypes to provide new hits even for well-known targets.

Targeted Libraries

Libraries of choice when the target or its character are known: kinases, RNA’s, GPCR’s, PPI’s, CNS, etc. An increased number of hits can be found even with smaller libraries.

Fragment Libraries

A wide repertoire of Fragment Libraries designed in collaboration with renowned experts in various fields of FBDD. Each fragment is reviewed and tested to comply with high quality and synthetic tractability requirements.

Covalent Libraries

Sets of binders for the screening of known and developing of (yet) undruggable targets. Select between the sets focused on warheads (acrylamides, chloroacetamides, boronics), residue (Cys-, Ser-, Lys-) and targets (M-Pro).

Bioactive Libraries

Our selection of compound libraries with known biological activity ranging from published HTS hits to FDA-approved drugs.


We offer over 60 ready-to-deliver pre-plated compound libraries in a variety of custom formats. Our well-equipped liquid handling department will make a library copy in any convenient for you project format.