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We offer a wide range of ready-to-use Compound Libraries for biological screening. They are inspired by the latest scientific views and designed in collaboration with the world’s leading experts in different fields of drug discovery.

The Compound Libraries have been designed from more than 3.5 million off-the-shelf compounds available in our multiple Collections. We continuously update our Compound Libraries with the latest compounds we synthesize to provide the trusted source of high quality initial hits.

We maintain libraries plated in DMSO solutions, ready to be transferred to the plates of your choice. Our liquid handling lab is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments including several acoustic dispensers assuring accurate and fast distribution of the solutions in versatile screening formats.


Compound Pooling. We can help you to optimize your screening campaign and reduce costs by pooling compounds in one well.

Smart mix-up approach. When biological target is not clear and if you would like to access a broader chemical space we can make a recommendation of a most suitable screening deck. It can provide a balance between diverse and target-biased compounds.

Screening directly at Enamine. Your choice of our compound libraries can be screened at Bienta, Enamine’s biological unit. We provide access to various assay readouts and screening technologies, accompanied with vast experience in running the assays of different complexity, on diverse targets. Read more.

Storage at Enamine and compound management. If you would like to acquire a screening library that can be used over several years in multiple screening campaigns but you’re hesitant regarding the costs associated with its storage and handling, we can host your selected library in our facilities and provide you with assay-ready plates within just 2 weeks upon your request.

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Hit follow-up. We provide seamless support in hit development from supplying screening plates and quality dry samples for hit confirmation studies to SAR exploration and lead generation in FTE collaborations. All hits discovered from our libraries are resupplied from dry powders with QC check just before resupply. Stock compound samples can be additionally re-purified with HPLC. We offer searches for analogs in our entire Screening Collections of 3.5M compounds expanded to 17 billion REAL Compounds.


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