MADE Building Blocks

The LARGEST catalog in the world

Enamine is a renowned leader in the market of building blocks. Our stock collection counts 300 000 building blocks on a gram scale, most of which being unique – not available from other suppliers. These compounds have been synthesized in-house and in collaboration with FCH Group, Intermed Chemicals, and UORSY.


The jointly acquired broad experience now allows us to offer 1B MADE (MAke-on-DEmand) Building Blocks. Prices are assigned to each compound proving solid scientific basis and assuring our confidence in their synthesis. It is by far the world’s largest and most comprehensive catalog of all commercially available building blocks with less than 20 effective heavy atoms (not counting protecting groups)! Most of the compounds are novel, not available through other suppliers or other global aggregate platforms. MADE Building Blocks include such popular in medicinal chemistry compound classes as primary and secondary amines, sulfonyl chlorides, boronic acids, carboxylic acids, alkynes, azides, etc.

In the ocean of virtual and me-too compound catalogs, we offer our proven high-end synthesis expertise to deliver our MADE Building Blocks because of:

  • Thoroughly documented synthesis protocols (2-4 steps only!) allowing the trouble-free synthesis of next compounds
  • In-stock availability of raw materials (incl. ca. 10 000 building blocks in > 1 kg) directly at Enamine enabling immediate synthesis start

Every month, our chemists synthesize around 2 000 new MADE Building Blocks on our customers’ orders. The synthesis typically takes 2-6 weeks and has > 76% success rate.

You can conveniently make an online substructure or similarity search for novel, previously unseen compounds at our partner Chemspace website:, the only online resource having the comprehensive and most up-to-date collection of MADE Building Blocks.

The MADE Building Blocks are also marketed under brands of FCH Group, and Intermed Chemicals, and UORSY.

MADE Building Blocks


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