Fragment Collection

The largest Collection of in-stock Fragments

206 034 compounds

Enamine’s design and synthesis capabilities allow addition of more than 140 000 new organic compounds to its catalog each year. Fast growth and permanent enhancement of our Building Blocks Collection with novel, top level synthetic chemistry molecules resulted in the world largest set of high quality fragments.

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Our Fragment Collection comprises a remarkable number of new scaffolds and unique chemotypes within the widest range of molecular frameworks. The library does not include covalent modifiers and toxicophores, all industry affiliated exclusion filters and MedChem refinements have been applied.

We continuously improve quality of our fragment libraries by providing more assurance on their solubility. We keep screening our new fragments to comply with solubility of at least 200 mM in DMSO and 1 mM in aqueous buffer.

Key benefits

The hits discovered from Enamine Fragment Collection are expected to yield lead compounds fast and easily. Follow-up investigation can be readily performed with analogues available from stock, REAL database in one stage conversion or derived from new MedChem-driven synthesis. All required intermediates, core building blocks and decorating reagents are available from Enamine’s stock.


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