Compound Collections

The full stock and virtual databases of Enamine’s compounds for the hit finding projects. Download, select, screen and follow-up.

Screening Collections

Stock collection containing over 2.9 M compounds obtained internally using Enamine Building Blocks and in-house synthetic capabilities.

REAL Compounds

Most reliable ultra-large chemical database on the market for your virtual screening and synthesis with an average 80% success rate.


Pre-selected compounds to be used in Fragment Based Drug Discovery and related fields.

Covalent Compounds

Covalent binders with most canonical as well as novel warheads.

Bioactive Collection

Collection of FDA- approved drugs, “tool compounds” with validated biological activity, active metabolites/prodrugs and drug candidates.

PROTAC Toolbox (Protein degrader toolbox)

Stand-alone toolbox of active degraders, linkers, ligands and warheads from Enamine’s stock for purchase and design of new target molecules in the field of protein degradation.


Non-trivial compounds for screening and tackling “difficult” targets with extended binding sites and other unusual cases.