Fast MADE Building Blocks

Speed, Quality, and Novelty

Advancements of new technologies and promising discoveries is progressing faster and more intensively with each passing day. Therefore, Enamine, a global leader in the chemical building block market, has developed a special product - the Fast MADE Building Blocks. This is a special set of Enamine MADE (MAke-on-DEmand) building blocks (BBs) that will be synthesized and delivered to our customers in ultra-short terms.

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Such compounds are synthesized within 7‑10 days, through 1-3 commonly utilized procedures (Amidation, heterocyclization, arylation, Grignard reaction, reductive amidation, etc.) with a very high success rate (more than 80%). They are readily available through proven synthetic protocols using our in stock building blocks. It takes just 2‑3 weeks from the moment of the order to deliver to our customers.

Well-validated synthesis protocols and the availability of a large amount of various starting raw materials in stock (above 300,000 BBs in gram quantities and 10,000 BBs in quantities > 1 kg), allow us quickly and easily synthesize more than 78.7M Fast MADE Building Blocks.

Our highly qualified and experienced specialists are constantly working to ensure that the set of the Fast MADE Building Blocks continues to grow, and synthesis protocols are being improved.

The jointly acquired broad experience now allows us to offer our customers a large number of diverse compounds. Almost all the compounds are novel, and not available through other suppliers. The Fast MADE includes diverse classes of chemical compounds, such as alcohols, primary and secondary amines, amides, sulfonyl chlorides, halides, carboxylic acids, etc.

Key Facts:

  • Your ordered compounds and compound sets will be synthesized and delivered to you within a period of up to 2‑3 weeks;
  • In-stock availability of raw materials directly at Enamine enabling immediate start of the synthesis;
  • Well-developed, standardized, and improved synthesis protocols allow us to obtain targeted Building Blocks with very high success rates (more than 80%) in the shortest possible time;
  • All of our chemical building blocks undergo extensive quality control by NMR and LC-MS, and purity is guaranteed to be over 95%.

You can conveniently make an online substructure or similarity search for novel, previously unseen compounds at our partner website:, the only online resource that has the comprehensive and most up-to-date collection of Fast MADE Building Blocks.

Fast MADE Building Blocks

Molecular Properties

Number of items
Secondary Amines
24 220 156
12 692 509
Primary Amines
7 984 663
7 110 834
3 128 158
2 758 528
2 398 504
1 660 731
978 958
719 905
480 301
95 335
52 124
44 983
8 858
6 374
3 842
3 501


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