Legacy Screening Collection

Screening collections play a pivotal role in early-stage drug discovery, providing a flexible platform compatible with many advanced methods. Our collaboration with UORSY has led to the creation of a joint collection of screening compounds named 'Legacy', reflecting the rich scientific heritage of Ukrainian suppliers. This collection has resulted from our 15 years of efforts in supporting drug discovery through high-throughput screening and comprises over 1.76 million in-stock screening compounds.

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Legacy Screening Collection

Version: April 2024

1 760 432 compounds

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We provide compounds synthesized from in-house synthesized building blocks using meticulously developed and optimized reactions. More than 50% of our compounds have drug-like physicochemical properties, and over 40% - lead-like profiles.

Key features:

  • 11.2% shaped molecules (9.3% disc & 1.9% sphere)
  • 4.9% high QED (QED=0.9)
  • 3.7% PAINS
  • 2.7% fragment-like compounds
  • 0.8% natural-like compounds
  • 100% affordable prices

Availability, packaging, and quality control

The compounds are available in milligram amounts, typically 1-20 mg, sufficient for a fast re-supply of the hits. The samples are mainly stored as dry powders and can be supplied either neat or as DMSO solutions in virtually any applicable format. All Enamine compounds undergo rigorous quality control with LCMS and/or 1H NMR to meet the standard of at least 90% purity.

Selecting the right compounds for your project

Our experienced team of Medicinal & Computational chemistry team is ready to assist you choose a hit-finding strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Discover the Legacy Screening Collection on , where you can explore compounds using text, substructure, and similarity enaminestore.com queries.

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