Building Blocks

Building blocks are the essence of our business and our main advantage used to build up all other products and services. Get all the compounds you need directly from the producer in one place, and embody your creativity with our building block collection.

Building Block Sets for Library Synthesis

Pre-weighted building blocks sets in exact amount and reaction vials you need for your next small library synthesis.

Building Blocks Catalog

Enamine owns the world’s largest stock collection of building blocks currently exceeding 300 000 compounds. Access our comprehensive SD Files and supporting documents for you research.

MADE Building Blocks

Discover unexplored unique chemotypes with our MADE collection. MAke-on-DEmand (MADE) building blocks are a 1B catalog of reagents that can be synthesized within several weeks using short pre-validated reaction sequences, our chemical experience, and starting materials from our stock.

Functional Classes

To save your time and efforts, we conveniently categorized the entire Enamine's building blocks collection by chemical functional groups: carboxylic acids, primary and secondary amines, boronic compounds, etc. Download latest selections and special subsets as separate SD files.

DEL-compatible scaffolds

Reagents compatible with DNA-encoded libraries synthesis and related technologies. Choose among bi- and trifunctional compounds with nearly any combination of suitable functional groups.

MedChem Highlights

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Reagents for Synthesis

Enamine offers a collection of reagents that will provide the necessary tools for modern organic synthesis. We have many classic reagents and some new ones that were developed recently.