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Recent News

  • 16 May 2024   News

    New access point to Enamine REAL - Hyperspace

    We understand the challenges that scientists face while navigating through huge chemical spaces. Our task is to simplify and streamline this process.

    Please welcome a new access point to Enamine REAL Space and Chemspace Freedom Space 3.0 – Hyperspace! It is a fantastic search tool created by our partners from Alipheron.

  • 07 May 2024   Press Release

    Pharmacelera extends the current partnership with Enamine for the ...

    Barcelona, Spain, and Kyiv, Ukraine, 7 May 2024. Pharmacelera, the leading provider of computational tools for hit discovery, and Enamine, the developer of the world’s largest and most reputable virtual space: REAL, have announced the extension of their current partnership to explore an extraordinary magnitude of compounds, that has been extended by a 10 fold factor – when compared to the early version. Ultra-large chemical libraries constitute a key paradigm to tap into new and still unexplored chemical spaces, increasing the probability for the researcher to find new and chemically diverse potent hits for Discovery Programs. Efficient handling of the ultra-large compound libraries still remains the main challenge.

  • 29 April 2024   Press Release

    Synple Chem and Enamine Partner to Accelerate Chemical Space ...

    Kemptthal, Switzerland and Kyiv, Ukraine, April 29, 2024: Synple Chem, an innovative developer of integrated automated chemical synthesis solutions, announced today a strategic partnership with Enamine, a world-renowned supplier of building blocks. The partners agreed to jointly develop a new chemical space by fueling the world’s largest collection of building blocks provided by Enamine to Synple Chem’s reaction outcome prediction tools. Researchers will be able to download the resulting compound library and search it using their workflows. Selected compounds will be synthesized by Synple Chem’s automated synthesis platform.