Drug Building Blocks and Libraries at Risk in Ukraine

Three months of the full-scale ruzzian invasion are over however it’s still really heartwarming for as at Enamine to get more and more words and signs of support from our customers and partners. The recent example is our joint letter to Science journal initiated by our friends from UCSF John J. Irwin and Brian K. Shoichet.


This letter is again the reminder for the whole Drug Discovery community how the war in Ukraine impacted the Global Drug Discovery: “Ukrainian chemical vendors such as Life Chemicals, Otava, and Enamine supply more than 50% of the 400,000 chemical building blocks used by scientists internationally to synthesize new drugs”.


Along with Building Blocks the Ukrainian suppliers provide “more than 40 billion readily accessible or “tangible” molecules” which are especially attractive for early-stage Drug Discovery projects.


It should be mentioned that our friends John J. Irwin and Brian K. Shoichet better than others understand the value of such space of “tangible” molecules (at Enamine we call it REAL Space). At UCSF they actively use this space for the outstanding research performing ultra-large docking campaigns (See for instance this paper).


The call of the letter : “Once the war has ended, it will be vital to help the Ukrainian scientific community rebuild, allowing them to continue their work to the benefit of all”.


We really appreciate everyone who supports Enamine and Ukraine during these difficult days.


You can support us also by donation Enamine Charity Fund. Our own funds are limited as we have had to put on hold most of our projects and we will greatly appreciate your donations, which we will immediately use for the urgent needs of today!



This is the most direct help to Ukraine.

Professor Sidney Altman
Enamine Charity Fund Report