Russian blatant attack on civilians, disruption of operations

Russian aggression continues with more force and they continue killing civilians (at least 200 killed only today officially, and who knows how many more). Enamine is forced to adjust schedules of operations, please, support our fight for our lives.


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Macro Space: the REAL Space of macrocycles


As I already wrote in my previous post, we at Enamine are constantly working on extending our REAL concept (where REAL is for REadily AccessibLe compounds). Basically, this concept allows for the generation of a virtual chemical space based on the experimentally validated synthetic accessibility. Until now the REAL Space has comprised 15.5 billion make-on-demand molecules and is currently the largest offer of commercially available compounds. It was shown that this chemical space is especially useful in combination with high-throughput virtual screening techniques (see Nature 2019, 566, 224–229 and Nature 2020, 580, 663–668); there is also a number of other ways to access it.

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