Open Letter from Enamine founder and CEO Dr. Andrey Tolmachov


Dear Customers, Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,


The war in our country lasts more than 10 days. We have put on hold most of our operations in Kyiv and ask our customers to wait until this situation is resolved. We thank all of you for your patience. During this time, we have been able to estimate our resources, capabilities, and plan next steps to be done. Now I would like to highlight some of them:

  1. Data. We have already fully transferred all the digital data on safe servers outside Ukraine. Thus, all our databases, all our internal documentation and procedures, and all the confidential information of our clients are secured and now physically located outside of Ukraine. Also, our internal system is not tied to Ukrainian servers and this fact can facilitate the further organization of the manufacturing process outside Ukraine.

  2. Our stock. The entire collection of screening compounds and major building block collection are in Kyiv. Delivery from Kyiv is impossible now. Our EU stock in Riga and US stock in New Jersey operate as usual. Last few days Ukrainian government has made important steps to facilitate logistics inside and outside Ukraine. Therefore, we hope to resume (at least partially) the delivery process in the nearest time and do our best to ensure the gradual replenishment of both the EU and the US stocks with substances from Ukraine. We cannot disclose any details now, but we actively work in this direction.

  3. Synthesis work. We are going to relocate part of the chemists outside of Ukraine to continue at least part of synthetic work mostly for our FTE customers. The new location is in Riga, Latvia. During the last week, we have received many proposals to accept our people in different institutions/universities/companies located in various countries of Europe. After several discussions, we have decided to focus on Riga.

    First, we have a long-time partnership with the Latvian Institute of Organic Chemistry (LIOS) that is ready to provide us a lab space for up to 20 chemists to retain the synthetic work. We would like to thank our Latvian friends and personally Prof. Osvalds Pugovičs, the head of LIOS, for their willingness to support us. Also, the presence of our EU stock and logistic center in Riga can facilitate smooth workflow in this new location.

    The work won’t be so effective and productive as in Kyiv. The EU stock is relatively small and at least in the nearest few weeks, the transfer of reagents and building blocks from Ukraine will be limited. Also, we cannot expand large-scale activities in Riga, and currently, the team of ~15 chemists are the maximum we can transfer to Riga: according to the martial law, men aged 18-60 cannot leave Ukraine. Also, many chemists have been mobilized and take an active part in volunteer movement. Some cannot leave the country for family reasons.

    Nevertheless, this week first Enamine chemists will come to Riga and start preparing for the arrival of the rest of the team.

  4. We also understand that in these circumstances we need some additional labs where we can deploy at least partial work on the building block synthesis and some custom synthesis tasks. We understand that our building blocks are extremely important for our customers and that their production costs should not increase significantly. Taking this into account we are searching for a possibility to purchase or rent some additional site in Europe or Asia. Alternatively, we are looking for a possibility to enter partnerships with other CROs or vendors to resume the synthetic work on their facilities.


We understand our customers wait for concrete decisions from us to plan future works on their programs. In the nearest time, we are going to disclose some further steps for the stabilization of the Enamine operations.


It is an extremely challenging time for us, but Ukraine will stand.


And Enamine will stand as well.


Slava Ukraini!

Andrey Tolmachov

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