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On February 24, Russian army attacked Ukraine at the full scale of its military potential, and started the bloodiest war in the European continent since WWII. As it is unfolding, more and more shocking crimes are committed by Russian forces against Ukrainian civilians. What happened in the cities of Irpen and Bucha shocked not only Ukrainians, but the whole civilized world.


The launch of Enamine Charity Fund was the practical answer by our team to the increasing crisis in Ukraine, and we are thankful to everyone who contributed money to help us provide help to our fellow Ukrainians, including our colleagues and friends in Irpen and Bucha.


Please find below a brief report on what we have achieved together:


April 11, 2022


Food and aid supplies in Kyiv region.



Enamine Charity Fund in collaboration with the fund “For the Children of Ukraine” provided humanitarian aid in the village of Motyzhyn (near Bucha). 300 daily rations of food delivered.



April 12, 2022


Materials and spare parts for plastic evacuation stretchers.

Small production facility provides those for Ukrainian defenders in army, territorial defense and State Emergence Service of Ukraine. As of now, 12 out of 90 stretchers have been prepared and sent over to the Emergency Service and hospitals.



April 15, 2022



86 units have been bought from a small local production facility and provided to volunteers in Kyiv.



April 21, 2022


Light and gas supplies.



After #Buchamassacre many houses have no electricity and gas. Our employee, Andrii Yevtushenko, who survived in Bucha for entire occupation period, provided 100 lanterns, 20 gas bags and 20 gas candles for inhabitants on behalf of Enamine Charity Fund.



April 29, 2022


Food and aid supplies in Kharkiv region.



Humanitarian aid in collaboration with fund “For the Children of Ukraine”.

300 daily rations of food delivered.

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Enamine Operation Update, May 11


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