BioReference Compounds

Collection of referred small molecules with carefully collected activity data, physicochemical properties, and references to the original source.

1960 compounds

To address continuously growing interested to Drug Repurposing we designed and carefully collected a Bioactive Reference Collection of over 1900 compounds with extensive target classes’ coverage and the broadest possible therapeutic areas applications – from CNS agents and anti-infectives to anticancer drugs and steroids.

Represented collection of carefully selected compounds includes almost 700 FDA- approved drugs, as well as “tool compounds” with validated biological activity, active metabolites/prodrugs, and drug candidates that are currently undergoing clinical trials.

Ready-to-use, fully referred, alternative for compound screening.

Any compound from BRC collection can be ordered individually as focused sets: target-based or by therapeutic area.

Proven and reliable

  • Stringent quality control using most advanced methods.
  • Synthetic chemistry capacity with professionals in organic chemistry experienced in diverse synthetic methods and techniques.
  • Drugs synthesis and their functional modifications for target identification and other purposes.

Distribution of compounds between libraries

Related products & services

Target identification toolbox

Additionally we provide broad functionalization of Drugs and relative actives with covalent warheads, biotin or/and dye-linking, PED-derivatization and other modifications. Versatile chemistry and the largest stock of valuable reagents enables Enamine to produce new functionalization of well-known drugs.

We combined most diverse approaches and possible structural modifications to achieve most complete representation of our Target identification tools.