Protein Degrader Toolbox

Out-of-the-box tools for your research in PD

One of the most emerging therapeutics area focused on modulating the ubiquitin proteasome system is in dire need of new and reliable chemistry. Booming biological assays in this field of drug discovery require production of hundreds and thousands of new functional intermediates and bifunctional molecules. The time needed for production of new derivatives is crucial for any new project in this therapeutic area. We offer advanced synthetic chemistry support including custom library design and synthesis.

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To facilitate all further work on bifunctional molecules we constantly update our toolbox with newly synthesized intermediates and functionalized ligands. The actively developing area of Molecular Glues keeps us highly motivated to synthesize new Building Blocks and intermediates.

We offer distinct tools that you can mix-up to design molecules of your special interest. The following options are available for synthesis of new molecules or immediate delivery to your research site:

Cereblon ligands and functionalized intermediates
VHL ligands and ligands with linkers
Linkers for Lincerology
Molecular Glues
Functionalized Warhead Ligands
Active Degraders
Halo- & Photo- Capture Tags
SPLicing inhibitor sulfonAMides


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