Making Screening Libraries Assay-ready

Our compound management team at Enamine is excited about the recent acquisition of the Echo® 550 Liquid Handler from Labcyte. This robotic superhero is expected to significantly speed up and notably precise compound handling, which is exactly an option needed for 2.5 Million+ compounds in stock. Screening libraries at Enamine are now more accessible, more customized and assay-ready to meet your exact needs in compound screening.

REAL compounds with predicted biological activity

Accessing new chemistry for drug discovery has been recently facilitated by the approach developed by John Irwin et al. (DOI: 10.1021/acs.jcim.7b00316). Combination of Similarity Ensemble Approach (SEA) with the maximum Tanimoto similarity to the nearest bioactive was found to provide efficient prediction for all 400 million commercially available compounds in ZINC database including 340 million Enamine’s REAL compounds. You can access the files at and REAL compounds will be synthesized at Enamine on your request in less than 3 weeks with over 85% success rate!

Synthesis capabilities in autoclaves enhanced

Reactions conducted in autoclaves are very popular at Enamine because they allow synthesis of unique and novel building blocks that would not be doable otherwise. The key to their successful implementation into every day’s routine are quality pressure reactors that offer safe operations and are inexpensive at the same time.


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