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Recent News

  • 22 May 2023   Press Releases

    Enamine Launches a New Chemistry Site in Germany

    Welcome to the latest update from Enamine - we're delighted to share our growth story with you. In our continued pursuit of scientific excellence and global expansion, we've launched a new subsidiary, Enamine Germany GmbH, based in Frankfurt's Höchst Industrial Park. This significant development strengthens our commitment to provide more localized and efficient services in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry.

  • 27 April 2023   Press Releases

    Nostrum Biodiscovery and ENAMINE Join Forces to Develop a ...

    Barcelona, Spain, and Kyiv, Ukraine, April 27, 2023. Nostrum Biodiscovery, a leading provider of computational drug discovery services, and ENAMINE, a global supplier of chemical building blocks and screening compounds, announced today a groundbreaking collaboration for the co-development of a revolutionary search engine tailored for the REAL Space billion database. This partnership aims to deliver unparalleled performance in searching vast chemical spaces while utilizing low computational resources, thus increasing the efficiency and accessibility of drug discovery efforts.

    The collaboration will also focus on enhancing High Throughput Virtual Screening (HTVS) services to streamline the drug discovery process. Nostrum Biodiscovery's state-of-the-art AI-enabled screening platform will take center stage in this effort, boasting the capability to evaluate the entire billion compound collection in just hours. This innovative technology promises to identify potential drug candidates within weeks, significantly accelerating the discovery pipeline.

    ENAMINE’s expertise in the rapid and reliable provision of compounds will further strengthen the collaboration, ensuring that researchers have timely access to the vast array of molecules in the REAL Space database. This partnership will facilitate the seamless integration of Nostrum Biodiscovery's computational prowess with ENAMINE’s extensive compound collection, directly impacting companies interested in using services offered by both partners and ultimately benefiting the global scientific community and accelerating the path to new drug discoveries.

    [Victor Guallar, CSO Nostrum Biodiscovery] “We see it every day in our projects, using the REAL Space database with our AI/MM hybrid HTVS platform is a game changer in finding molecules. Our joint venture with ENAMINE demonstrates our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology and high-quality compound collections to provide the pharmaceutical industry with unparalleled access to resources that expedite drug discovery. We believe that this partnership will serve as a catalyst for innovation, inspiring ventures to explore uncharted territories in the quest for novel therapeutics.”

    [Andrey Tarnovskiy, Sales Director, Europe at Enamine] “This year the size of Enamine’s REAL Space has reached tremendous 36 Billion compounds. We are excited to cooperate with Nostrum Biodiscovery to complement the available suite of search tools for REAL Space exploration with brand-new AI-based solution for high-throughput virtual screening and hope that our synergy will allow to facilitate and strengthen the drug discovery efforts of our customers.”

    Read Press Release

  • 19 April 2023   Press Releases

    Enamine and Endogena Therapeutics – a Successful, Multi-Year Drug ...

    Kyiv, Ukraine, April 19, 2023 - Enamine Ltd., a provider of drug discovery services empowered with the world’s largest collections of building blocks, fragments, and screening compounds, gave an update of its long-standing research collaboration with Endogena Therapeutics AG, a clinicalstage biotech company focused on the development of endogenous regenerative medicines.

    Enamine provides Endogena with its integrated capability in medicinal chemistry to support Endogena’s small molecule drug discovery programs in the fields of hit finding, hit-to-lead and lead optimization.

    The companies have been collaborating under a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) model since 2019. The two discovery partners have been continuing their research collaboration to date, their research relationship not being impacted by the war in Ukraine. This collaboration extension, along with many others and new ones established by Enamine since February 24, 2022, already under the conflict, is a systematic positive trend experienced by the company, that demonstrates the support of its customers and the trust they have in receiving high-quality service backed up by the unparalleled number of diverse building blocks available at Enamine.

    Sven Weiler, Vice President of Medicinal Chemistry at Endogena, commented: “The interaction with colleagues from Enamine has been a smooth one from the start. In addition to the FTE model, it is great to have access to their huge compound collection and be able to flexibly use Enamine’s capacity to its full potential. We value the output and responsiveness of the Enamine team, helping us to achieve our demanding milestones. It is stunning to see how well Enamine has been able to keep pace after February 2022.”

    Michael Bossert, Head of Strategic Alliances at Enamine, added: “After 13 months of the war in the country, we are especially pleased to announce our collaboration with Endogena, a longlasting partner we have been serving during those several years with extensive medicinal chemistry and SAR efforts”.

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    Journées ChemBioFrance de la Chimiothèque Nationale

Dear Customers, Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends, 

Andrey Tolmachov When I started the company after the USSR collapse there were just a couple of labs in the academic institute. Nowadays my company is well known around the world. 

For years, Ukraine has been a valuable partner for drug discovery delivering chemical innovation and new technologies. Enamine’s contribution to the world’s stock of chemical building blocks and reagents is over 70%. As Derek Lowe said in his “In the pipeline”, “the catalogs are full of synthetic building blocks with easily coupled functional groups” delivered by Enamine has transformed medicinal and synthetic organic chemistry into “a Lego-like exercise in sticking pieces together”. 

Ukrainian companies Enamine, Life Chemicals, and Otava Chemicals contribute a lot to the world’s stock of chemical screening compounds: over 50% of the molecules originate from Ukraine. And I think that the contribution of these compounds to drug discovery research has become much higher. Every month we deliver thousands of novel compounds and thus simplify and speed up the search for new medicines.  

Sixteen years ago, we created a unique approach to access an even larger chemical space of on-demand compounds. Our REAL Space has been evolved and currently incorporates trillions of molecules. It has no analogs in the world. The application of the REAL Space to solve drug discovery tasks has been published in numerous scientific papers including top-ranked ones like Nature. 

Nowadays all these facilities, all the potential of Ukrainian chemists, all this knowledge and experience are under threat to be destroyed. Many our employees as well as thousands of Ukrainians in different cities hide these days in the cellars, shelters, metro. For example, I myself had to spend last several nights in the basement of the house sharing it with few families who needed the shelter. Because of permanent air raid alerts in Kyiv. 

Russia wages a cruel war in our country. It is not already just a military conflict. It is genocide with the targeted killing of civilians. Russian bombs and missiles fall into residential areas and historical buildings without any military objects. It is terrorism. Nobody before attacked nuclear facilities. Russian troops do. Just recently they fired the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe in Energodar. The risk of massive ecological disaster does not stop the occupant. The list of war crimes is growing and for sure will be condemned by The Hague Tribunal. 

Unfortunately, Russia was not stopped earlier. When Crimea was occupied, the sanctions were rather mild. When Russia started the aggressive occupation in Donbas there was also mostly the politics of pacification and no really tough sanctions. During all 8 years, Russia continued the war on Donbas and was preparing for the invasion, and all that time the Western world fawned over Putin, allowed his imperia to grow, allowed to build North Stream 2, allowed the Russian oppositionists to be killed and imprisoned to stifle freedom of speech in this country. It was also a chance to engage the serious sanctions at the beginning of 2022 when Russia concentrates the forces on the border. If they are initiated at that time at least a few days before the invasion they would probably influence. Now after the invasion, we see how the whole world is united and engaged in the tough sanctions, but they are too late to stop the aggression. 

We are glad to receive the financial support, weapons, medicines, but, it is not enough. Western countries are afraid of direct conflict with Russia or at least to close the sky for Russian planes and missiles. At the moment the petition to NATO to close the sky over Ukraine has reached more than 1M signatures however still nothing is done. This can really save hundreds and thousands of lives, can save important and dangerous objects of infrastructure, can stop Russian invasion. 

Therefore, we address the whole Drug Discovery, Biotech, and scientific community which should sound like one voice now. If any of you have any means, any contacts and connections to influence the decision to close the Ukrainian sky it is time to use them, to convince your government, to convince NATO to finally interfere. 

What else can you do? The entire isolation of Russia. Nowadays we see real solidarity of the whole world to cancel or stop any economic, cultural, technological, financial connections with Russia and we urge the same from the Drug Discovery community. All the relationships, projects, collaborations with Russian companies/institutions/universities must be put on hold until the end of the war. The sooner this country is totally isolated, the sooner the war will end.

And of course, donations. Ukraine needs money, medicines, weapons... everything. We see significant support from the biotech community and pharma, a number of our customers announced great donations to support Ukraine and Ukrainians. We thank all of you who donated and all others who are going to make donations in the nearest time… 

Ukraine is strong. It is stronger than anyone can expect, and our country will stand in this war without any doubt. Our army and all Ukrainians demonstrate true heroism. Often, they stop tanks literally with their bare hands. 

Again, we’ll definitely stand in this war. 

But the Western countries must take full responsibility on their shoulders. Otherwise, Russia won’t stop here. They will continue to destroy Europe and it can be again too late. 

Slava Ukraïni! 


Andrey Tolmachov


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