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Purification capabilities enhanced
December 7, 2018

The demand for library synthesis at Enamine driven by the on-site access to the world’s largest and most reputable stock of building block has multiplied in 2018. We keep developing our preparative chromatography capabilities to sustain the drastically increasing number of compounds produced. The 18 preparative Agilent HPLC-MSD instruments functional since this year allow purification of over 26 000 compounds per month.

Separation of enantiomers has been added to our capabilities list since a few years. Preparation of pure enantiomers at mg to gram scale has become a routine operation in medchem collaborations and synthesis of new building blocks in 2018 using 3 preparative and 6 analytical Agilent HPLC and two SFC instruments: one from Agilent and the other from Waters – 100q SFC (ELSD). At the end of this year we are moving our chiral separation unit into new spacious laboratories of over 250 m2. 2 New HPLC instruments has just been installed and 3 more to come in January 2019.

Last but not least, the preparative chromatography department is equipped with 46 low pressure instruments (PuriFlash XS-420+ and CombiFlash) and 7 medium pressure instruments (Buchi/Knauer). This allows purifications at 5 to 500 g scale runs and preparation of 800-900 compounds each month totaling 13-14 kg of material.


Enamine published a new route towards sulfonyl-fluoride-based covalent fragment library
November 7, 2018

Enamine's chemists and biologists from Bienta have  just published an article in ACS Comb. Sci. which describes desing and synthesis of a new sulfonyl-fluoride-based covalent fragment library. The library was validated by screening against a model protease, trypsin, and some fragment hits were identified. See ACS website for more details.


Making Screening Libraries Assay-ready
August 22, 2018

Our compound management team at Enamine is excited about the recent acquisition of the Echo® 550 Liquid Handler from Labcyte. This robotic superhero is expected to significantly speed up and notably precise compound handling, which is exactly an option needed for 2.5 Million+ compounds in stock. Screening libraries at Enamine are now more accessible, more customized and assay-ready to meet your exact needs in compound screening.


REAL Database: More New Compounds, Lower Prices
July 5, 2018

Enamine makes a new release of REAL database comprising 680 million structures and announces sales with 20% off for requests received online

The next release of REAL database comprises 680 million distinct small molecules and by far is the largest offer of commercially available compounds on the market. REAL (readily accessible) compound is a virtual chemical compound which synthesis can be performed in a parallel way at Enamine with high (at least 80%) probability of success. A collection of the REAL compounds composes REAL database – a pool of novel highly feasible compounds that can be used in compound collection enhancement programs, virtual screening and identification of analogues during hit explosion in hit-to-lead. You can conveniently search REAL database online at EnamineStore.com and benefit from 20% discount for your online requests in the period between July 23 and September 30, 2018!

The REAL compounds are produced in one synthetic step from the qualified building blocks via well-validated parallel chemistry procedures within only 3 weeks. The completeness of syntheses is so high (frequently reaching 100%) that acquisition of REAL compounds resembles purchases from stock collection. A usual purchase order can be raised.

Compared to the previous version additional enumerations of 4 500 new building blocks and 20 new reaction procedures gave 350 million new REAL compounds and doubled the size of REAL database. These new compounds have no close analogues in the purchasable space of 17 million molecules: over 60 percent new REAL compounds have neighbors with Tanimoto similarity coefficient of less than 0.6.

REAL database is one of the options to access REAL compounds. REAL Space Navigator, a chemoinformatics tool jointly developed with BioSolveIT, does not maintain the huge number of REAL compounds but generates them on the go thus affording a powerful and convenient option to search for analogues in theoretical space of 3.8 billion REAL compounds!

Please contact us at to receive more information and request downloading of REAL Database.


Following Ramachandran 2: exit vector plot (EVP) analysis of disubstituted saturated rings
June 19, 2018

3D shape of the molecules is widely considered as an important property of potential drugs in medicinal chemistry. Enamine chemists published theoretical analysis of simplest disubstituted scaffold three-dimensionality using exit vector plot (EVP) methodology. This paper was highlighted on the cover of New Journal of Chemistry. Please contact our sale managers if your are interested in the EVP tool for your library design.


REAL compounds with predicted biological activity
June 07, 2018

Accessing new chemistry for drug discovery has been recently facilitated by the approach developed by John Irwin et al. (DOI: 10.1021/acs.jcim.7b00316). Combination of Similarity Ensemble Approach (SEA) with the maximum Tanimoto similarity to the nearest bioactive was found to provide efficient prediction for all 400 million commercially available compounds in ZINC database including 340 million Enamine’s REAL compounds. You can access the files at https://zinc15.docking.org and http://files.docking.org/catalogs/20/enamine-v/. REAL compounds will be synthesized at Enamine on your request in less than 3 weeks with over 85% success rate!


A New Synthetic Route Reported For 1-(Trimethylsilyl)vinyl MIDA boronate, A Suitable Trifunctional Building Block
February 06, 2017

Recent publication by our chemists describes gram-scale synthesis and some chemical transformations of novel trifunctional C2 building blocks – MIDA boronate shown below. This small molecule can be selectively modified by any of the three functional groups (i.e. alkene, boronate and TMS). Such building blocks were highlighted by Burke’s group in their Nature paper reporting iterative chemoselective cross-coupling to form polyene natural products, similar to the use of N-Fmoc amino acids for the synthesis of peptides.

We have prepared a set of MIDA boronates for your research. You can also find many other functionalized boronic acid derivatives at EnamineStore.


5 PhD Positions Available (Horizon 2020) -- in Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine pdf
September 21, 2017

Enamine is proud to be a co-organizer of a new EU-funded project SAFER together with the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), and a contract research company SARomics (Lund, Sweden). The project will focus on gaining molecular understanding and improving selectivity in treatments of CNS-related disorders.

It is still not late to apply for an excellent opportunity to advance your research career in drug discovery! You can become a valuable part of SAFER, a EU-funded projects within a framework of Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks and contribute your efforts in identifying selective receptor ligands towards safer drugs.

The application deadline is October 20th 2017.

The project starts on the 1st of February 2018 and will last for 3 years. The positions require mobility as all students will be, first, trained at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), and subsequently continue their research in a company; ENAMINE (Kiev, Ukraine) or SARomics (Lund, Sweden). Being a part of the network, the PhD fellows will participate in annual network meetings and training events across Europe.

Prospective candidates will be working in one of the following research areas:

  1. Pharmacology: Pharmacological profiling of signalling pathways to identify functionally selective 5-HT2A ligands (Mo. 1-18 University of Copenhagen & Mo. 19-36 ENAMINE) pdf
  2. Chemistry: Synthesis of conformationally restricted analogues to identify novel functionally selective 5-HT2A ligands (Mo. 1-12 University of Copenhagen & Mo. 13-36 ENAMINE) pdf
  3. Crystallography: Crystallisation of receptor-ligand structure complexes to reveal molecular mechanisms of functional selectivity at 5-HT2A (Mo. 1-18 University of Copenhagen & Mo. 19-36 SARomics)
  4. Computational drug design: Molecular modelling to rationalise and design ligands with functional selectivity at 5-HT2A (Mo. 1-18 University of Copenhagen & Mo. 19-36 SARomics)
  5. Scientific database development: Development of a public GPCR ligand resource disseminating and enabling receptor research and drug design (Mo. 1-18 University of Copenhagen & Mo. 19-36 ENAMINE) pdf

How to apply?
All the details about SAFER project, required skills and expertise, and descriptions of the 5 open PhD positions are available in the attached pdf files, or at www.safer-itn.eu.

For any additional questions, please, contact Professor Fredrik Björkling, a project manager at SAFER, at . The application deadline is October 20th 2017.


Synthesis capabilities in autoclaves enhanced
August 4, 2017

Reactions conducted in autoclaves are very popular at Enamine because they allow synthesis of unique and novel building blocks that would not be doable otherwise. The key to their successful implementation into every day’s routine are quality pressure reactors that offer safe operations and are inexpensive at the same time.


Enamine specialized autoclave laboratory occupies area of more than 250 m2 and is equipped with over 60 high pressure reactors with volumes ranging from 0.15 to 5 L, 90% of which being supplied by Ukrainian provider of laboratory equipment UOSlab.  Made of chemically inert stainless steel Hastelloy, the UOSlab autoclaves enable synthesis under up to 200 atm and at temperatures up to 250°C. Enamine chemists appreciate reliability and quality of the UOSlab pressure reactors. The supply agreement with UOSlab signed in 2007 has been extended this year. Further 25 labs in the recently built new Enamine research facility will be equipped with more than 30 UOSlab pressure reactors. This will allow our chemists to routinely access valuable synthesis technology and fully benefit from a wide range of transformations they will be able to carry out including carbonylation, hydrogenation, amination, Kolbe-Schmitt reaction, and reactions with SF4 and HF.  


Research workshop «BIOACTIVE PEPTIDES AND THEIR PHOTOCONTROL» in the framework of horizon-2020 project
May 24, 2017


Enamine is organizing a research workshop within a framework of the company’s participation in a Horizon-2020 project. The workshop will be held on June 17-19, 2017 in a hotel “Rus” under the supervision of Prof. I.V.Komarov.

Among the confirmed delegates there are scientists from:

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany)
  • Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (Latvia)
  • University of Cambridge (Great Britain)
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA)
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Germany)
  • The University of Rostock (Germany)

Our guests will also be invited for an overview excursion at Enamine headquarters.  

Please, find detailed program here


Enamine's US stock of building blocks reaches 72 000 compounds
March 13, 2017

Enamine is proud to announce that it has expanded its building blocks storage facility in Cincinnati totaling now 72 000 compounds. This allows Enamine to expedite logistics with its numerous US customers, offering a next-day delivery option for the majority of orders.
Currently, Enamine’s US stock includes some of the most widely demanded classes of building blocks, including:

  • Primary amines – 20 229
  • Carboxylic acids – 15 715
  • Secondary amines – 9 496
  • Alkylating and arylating agents – 6 825
  • Aldehydes – 2 262
  • Sulfonyl Chlorides – 1 869

The updated database can be downloaded here after registration.
You can search, quote and order any of Enamine building blocks online at EnamineStore.com.
Please, feel free to contact us at for more information.


5 New Tools to Try at EnamineStore.com
November 10, 2016

EnamineStore expands its e-commerce functionality: online access to safety and analytical data on purchased compounds; requesting analogues; getting online quotes; automated order processing and more arrivals Read more...


Enamine's US stock grows over 50 000+
October 26, 2016

Enamine is announcing the expansion of its building blocks storage in its Cincinnati, logistic center, reaching currently more than 50 000 novel substances, with the plan to reach through its continued efforts at least 60 000 building blocks until the end of 2016. The company fulfills in this way the request of its numerous USA customers to expedite delivery time and fasten projects start.


Enamine scientist has become a finalist at european young chemist award 2016
September 19, 2016

Dr. Pavel MYKHAILIUK, CSO at Enamine, has become a finalist at European Young Chemist Award 2016. He gave a talk at 6th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress (Seville, Spain, September 11-15). The European Young Chemist Award 2016 is intended to showcase and recognise the excellent research being carried out by young scientists working in the chemical sciences.


Unprecedented Sales at EnamineStore! 25% OFF On All Products
September 9, 2016

This year Enamine celebrates 25 years of excellence in chemistry. In commemoration of this special event, we have launched a total discount program at EnamineStore.com. Please visit our online shop and apply for exceptional 25% discount for 160 000+ building blocks, 2 100 000+ screening compounds and 50 000+ fragments in stock.

Upon confirmation, your profile at EnamineStore will be granted with 25% discount that will be further automatically applied to all your online purchases made until October 31, 2016.

Hurry up! The program has just started today and the clock is ticking for this exclusive offer!


EnamineStore Goes Mobile
August 28, 2016

Enamine announces the launch of a mobile version of EnamineStore catalog of building blocks and screening compounds. Realizing the growing number of mobile internet users among our customers, we have developed EnamineStore MobileBeta which is optimized for smartphones and tablet PCs. We hope it will further improve catalog browsing and shopping experience for our customers and stimulate the use of new mobile technologies to access our website.

Please, read more at our blog and explore EnamineStore Mobile for yourself.

Please, send your valuable feedback to


ChemSpace Building Blocks Catalog Has Grown Over 20 000 000
July 12, 2016

Announced on 1st March, 2016 ChemSpace, a global e-procurement marketplace for searching, purchasing and selling chemical building blocks, has already accumulated over 20 million unique reagents and become the world’s largest pool of purchasable building blocks for medicinal chemistry. ChemSpace’s powerful engine supports storage and operations with millions of chemical entries. The platform sets no limits for suppliers and thus provides access to the most actual information on innovative molecules that have just appeared on the market.


Registration for The 18th European Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry is Now Open
March 16, 2016

Enamine Ltd, together with Elsevier, ChemSpace SIA, Institute of Organic Chemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and Kyiv Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, are co-organizing The 18th European Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry to be held on August 7 - 12, 2016 in Hotel Ramada Encore Kyiv, Ukraine. Early bird registration for the event is now open for industrial and academic participants from around the world. Student participation is possible.

This year’s Symposium is a continuation of a long tradition of gathering research and industrial leaders in the field of fluorine science from all around the globe in order to discuss modern trends in fluorine research, present latest achievements and breakthroughs. The scope of the event will include application of fluorine in areas of drug discovery, material science, agrochemistry, energy storage and many others.

The main sub-sections are as following:

  • Organic and Bio-Organic Fluorine Chemistry,
  • Inorganic Fluorine Chemistry,
  • Physical Fluorine Chemistry
  • Industrial and Polymer Fluorine Chemistry.
  • Other Areas of Fluorine Science
All interested industrial and academic organizations, individual scientists and students are welcome to register for participation in this year’s leading event on Fluorine.  


December 10, 2015

Nature Scientific Report “Identification of potential inhibitors based on compound proposal contest: Tyrosine-protein kinase Yes as a target”

Compound proposal contest has been held at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan) on January 7 - March 20 2014 in a form of open innovation competition. Organized by the Initiative for Parallel Bioinformatics (IPAB) and supported by Enamine, it was aimed at identification of novel approaches for Computer Aided Drug Discovery (CADD) and finding novel unique hit molecules.

Enamine provided its world’s largest Screening Collection as a source of diverse compounds for the contest participants, who were instructed to select a maximum of 1 200 prioritized compounds towards a specific biological target - Tyrosine-protein kinase Yes. The contest resulted into 600 unique molecules selected by jury, from which 27 inhibitors were identified, yielding finally 7 potential hits.

Enamine’s Screening Compounds Collection is a unique product offering containing more than 2 000 000 diverse and distinct compounds in significant amounts (typically, 150 mg in stock).


Enamine’s application to horizon 2020 selected for funding
August 28, 2015

Application "Peptidomimetics with photocontrolled biological activity" has been selected for funding in Horizon 2020 - the biggest EU research and innovation program ever (Call: H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015, Topic: MSCA-RISE-2015). Enamine acts as the coordinator in the joined project cooperating with the University Chemical Laboratory of University of Cambridge (UK), Department of Molecular Biophysics of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), and Organic Synthesis Methodology Group of Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (Latvia). Overall funding will exceed 688,000 euro during 4 years, starting from 2016.

The expertise, resources and specific knowledge of all participating parties will be combined to achieve a breakthrough in design, synthesis and application of peptide analogues (peptidomimetics) possessing photo-controlled biological activities, with special emphasis on anti-microbial and anti-cancer activities. The main idea behind the Project consists in chemical incorporation of artificial photo-controllable Building Blocks into known biologically active peptides by replacing their natural Building Blocks – the amino acid residues. Such modification would provide photocontrolled peptidomimetics which can reversibly change their structure between two different photo-forms upon irradiation with light of different wavelength. The participating parties possess general know-how for design of the peptidomimetics which can exist in two photo-forms, biologically active and inactive ones, reversibly interconvertible by light of different wavelength. This opens a possibility to convert inactive peptidomimetics to active compounds by irradiation with physiologically benign light directly in tissues with very high spatiotemporal precision and can be a fundamental basis of new therapeutic strategies. The research staff exchange and other activities planned under the Project will be dedicated to accomplish four complementary work packages: (i) carrying out pharmacokinetic and toxicity studies of the photocontrolled peptidomimetics synthesized by the parties previously; (ii) evaluation of novel photocontrolled Building Block chemotypes for their compatibility with peptides; (iii) creation of new photocontrolled peptidomimetics, especially based on the novel Building Blocks and the know-how developed by the parties (e.g. using “stapled peptides” technology); (iv) multidisciplinary training of the researchers whose future work will be aimed at further development of the most advanced photocontrolled peptidomimetics as drugs suitable for photodynamic therapy.


New synthesis methods developed by Enamine scientists will be reported at Bioheterocycles 2015
May 26, 2015

Dr. Pavel Mykhailiuk, CSO of Enamine will give a talk at the upcoming XVI International Conference on Heterocycles in Bioorganic Chemistry (Bioheterocycles 2015) in Metz, France on June 10, 2015. This oral presentation will highlight synthesis utility of novel fluorinated diazoalkanes in synthesis of fluorinated heterocycles following recently published research.


A paper by Enamine scientists has been highlighted in “Chemical & Engineering News”
May 6, 2015

Mykhailiuk, P. K. In Situ Generation of Difluoromethyl Diazomethane for [3+2] Cycloadditions with Alkynes Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015

Ritter, S. K. New Reagent Brings Fresh Approach To Fluorination Chemical & Engineering News, 2015, 93 (19)

A new reagent for difluoromethylations, the long-sought compound difluoromethyl diazomethane, CF2HCH=N2, has now been reported by Pavel K. Mykhailiuk of global research chemicals supplier Enamine and Taras Shevchenko National University, both based in Kiev, Ukraine. The reagent has already caught the attention of researchers at agricultural chemical companies who are eager to give it a try.

“This new fluorinated diazoalkane will be very useful in synthetic chemistry,” says Guillaume Berthon, group leader for insecticide research at Syngenta Crop Protection, in Switzerland.


Spiro Compounds brochure added to Selected Building Block series
June 19, 2014

Being largest in the world, Enamine catalogue of building blocks has a largest collection of spiro compounds. Over 600 spirocyclic building blocks featuring a variety of chemical classes: carboxylic acids, alcohols, amines, ketones, etc. are available for immediate delivery from Enamine. We have selected the most interesting 288 representatives from the recently prepared pool of compounds to illustrate different options provided by employment of the spirocyclic structures in drug design. The new brochure available as hard copy and as PDF is the seventh in a row in the Selected Building Block Series.


Enamine scientist was awarded EFMC Prize for a Young Medicinal Chemist in Industry
May 16, 2014

Dr. Pavel MYKHAILIUK, Enamine was selected the most meritorious runner-up of the EFMC Prize for a Young Medicinal Chemist in Industry in 2014 He will give a presentation at 23rd International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry, EFMC-ISMC (Lisbon, September 7-11).


A paper by Enamine scientists has been highlighted in “Chemical & Engineering News”
April 28, 2014

Mykhailiuk, P. K. Generation of C2F5CHN2 In Situ and Its First Reaction: [3+2] Cycloaddition with Alkenes Chem. Eur. J. 2014, 17, 5168 (Back Cover Picture)

Ritter, S. K. Diazoalkane Expands Fluorine Focus On Ethyl Groups Chemical & Engineering News 2014, 92 (17)

Developing new methods for introducing fluorine into complex organic molecules has been all the rage during the past few years. Researchers preparing drug candidates and crop-protection chemicals typically seek to add a single fluorine atom or trifluoromethyl group and now have myriad ways to do so. But methods for adding longer, more lipophilic perfluoroalkyl groups, such as pentafluoroethyl, –C2F5, to complex molecules are relatively scarce. The approaches tend to be direct additions of C2F5 using organometallic transfer reagents and don’t utilize C2F5-containing building blocks.

Enamine scientists have developed a new building block for introducing C2F5 group into organic molecules. Pavel Mykhailiuk and colleagues safely generated the fluorinated diazoalkane, C2F5CHN2, in situ from C2F5CH2NH2•HCl and NaNO2. Authors demonstrated the utility of the reagent by using it in [3 + 2]-cycloadditions with mono- and disubstituted alkenes at room temperature to prepare perfluoroethylated pyrazolines with better than 95% conversion rates. Authors believe the diazofluoroalkane will also be as useful as other diazoalkanes for cyclopropanations, carbene insertions, and alkyne cycloadditions.


A Very Important Paper by Enamine scientists
March 28, 2014

Babii, O.; Afonin, S.; Berditsch, M.; Reiβer, S.; Mykhailiuk, P. K.; Kubyshkin, V. S.; Steinbrecher, T.; Ulrich, A. S.; Komarov, I. V., Controlling Biological Activity with Light: Diarylethene-Containing Cyclic Peptidomimetics. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2014, 53 (13), 3392-3395.

Enamine scientists in collaboration with research at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, Germany) published a study on antibiotics activated by light. It deals with synthesis of analogues of the antimicrobial peptide gramicidin S which conformations can be switched by light. This property was rendered by incorporation in its structure of an amino acid designed based on a photoisomerizable diarylethene scaffold. The biological activity of the resulting peptidomimetics can be reversibly controlled by ultraviolet/visible light.

Success of Enamine’s innovative product pipeline and service portfolio is based on the commitment of the company to the scientific research. Enamine caries out and supports research projects within the company as well as off-site in collaboration with many academic centers in Ukraine and abroad. About 30 scientific papers were published by Enamine scientists in renowned scientific journals in 2013.


Click Chemistry brochure added to Selected Building Block series
March 14, 2014

336 Azides and alkynes have been selected from Enamine’s catalogue of over 90 000 Building Blocks. Their structures have been published in the Selected Building Block series. This brochure, the sixth in series, provides a useful guide to novel and innovative chemistry developed at Enamine that can find multiple applications in drug design. Cycloaddition reaction of azides and alkynes has been shown to smoothly provide excellent yields of 1,2,3-triazoles. It has been recognized as an outstanding example of “click chemistry” This reaction can be used to selectively synthesize both 1,4- and 1,5-substituted triazoles. Besides reaction with azides alkynes undergo many other cycloaddition reactions.


Selected Building Block Series
February 3, 2014

With development of on-line chemical directories acquiring necessary reagents and building blocks for day-to-day research activity has become a technical routine. Many thousands of building blocks are now available in the market and sub-structure search can efficiently provide a selection of reagents to buy. However, this approach might be limited. With over 80,000 building blocks synthesized and now available from our stock we are a recognized leader in the market. Our catalogue features versatile building block classes and adds 1,000 products each month. Although they all are available for purchase through EnamineStore and many public or corporate chemical databases we wanted to gather together the most interesting and recently prepared building blocks to provide a series of useful guides to a novel and innovative chemistry. First five brochures have been published to highlight our rich collections of Advanced Morpholine Analogues, Bicyclic Aliphatic Amines, Fluorinated Aliphatic Amines, Isocyanates, Isothiocyanates, and Trifluoroethyl Carbamates, and Sulfonyl Chlorides and other Sulfonylating Agents.


EnamineStore released in new version
January 15, 2014

The new version of EnamineStore provides enhanced functionality to quickly search and purchase from catalogues of Enamine and UORSY (collectively over 10 million compounds). The following improvements have been realized besides changes in general form layouts:

Search functionality
  • one search form with multiple usage modes for both easy and advanced queries introduced;
  • JME replaced with Marvin JavaScript drawing tool, allowing to draw structures for queries conveniently in all modern web-browsers instead of resource-consuming Java applet;
  • support of advanced query features introduced (multiple fragments, lists of atoms, generic query atoms, etc.);
  • structure can be imported directly into the query editor;
  • structural search history kept for the session;
  • search by any supported structure identifier (Enamine catalog number, CAS/ ACD number or chemical name) or their list instantly introduced;
  • new additional parameters can be added to building block queries: price limit and regional stock availability;
  • found structures can be refined with a consecutive search using two different modes.
  • one-click search of close analogs, relevant by functional groups introduced;
  • one-click transfer of structure to query builder introduced;
  • building block prices visible directly in catalog (no need to put an item to cart to check price);
  • transport conditions data added;
  • added data export in tabular form (.csv format), export-related bugs fixed;
  • information provided in a more user-friendly manner;
  • consistent handling of screening compounds featuring multiple batches with different salt parts introduced.
  • any item can be purchased in multiple different batches;
  • salt part may be selected for screening compounds (whenever option available);
  • inquiries for out-of-stock items are handled through cart and checkout as a part of ordering process.


Ukrainian Team sponsored by Enamine reached Top 5 at the recent 45th International Chemistry Olympiad 2013
August 07, 2013

Four Ukrainian students won respectively three Gold medals and one Bronze medal at the 45th Chemistry Olympiad held in Moscow on July 15-24, 2013.
The Ukrainian Team competed against 291 students from 73 countries.

Members of Ukrainian Olympic team:
Andriy Stelmakh, Lviv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum – Gold Medal
Oleksandr Vyhivsky, Kharkiv school # 47 – Gold Medal
Mykyta Onizhuk, Kharkiv technical school # 173 – Gold Medal
Khrystofor Khokhlov, Kiev school # 145 – Bronze Medal
Enamine is continuously aiming towards excellence, in its organization, products & services. The company is proud of the achievement of the Ukrainian team and to have sponsored its national team. Sponsoring such event is a natural initiative from Enamine and we would like to warmly congratulate the four students for their results.

Source: Korresponsent.net


Enhanced Functionality of EnamineStore
June 05, 2012

Recently several new features were made available to users of EnamineStore:
  • card payments are enabled for all pending invoices issued by Enamine for both on-line and off-line orders – now it is possible to securely pay any outstanding invoice with credit card in the Billing section
  • storage conditions, regional stock availabilities, MDL reference numbers and chemical names are displayed for Building Blocks
  • lists of MDL numbers can be searched using the Search Wizard
  • sample certificates of analysis and material safety data sheets for building blocks can be downloaded from the catalog instead of plain analytical data provided before
  • Rush delivery can be requested for a building block being ordered on-line (subject to regional availability)


Enamine has started collaboration with Legend Star International
February 06, 2012

Enamine Ltd concluded an agreement with Legend Star International Co., to further promote products offered by Enamine to Taiwan drug discovery market. It is expected, that Taiwanese customers will be getting all relevant information on Enamine compounds and services from the local distributor and will benefit from improved service. Clients from Taiwan are encouraged to contact Legend Star International Co., Ltd. for all questions related to purchase of Enamine products:
1F., No.166, Fuxing 3rd St.,
Taishan Township, Taipei, Taiwan,
Mr. Chen Tsung-Ting
Tel: 886-2-29003199 (Ext 20)
Fax: 886-2-29009912


Enamine Launches Preclinical Biology Laboratory
January 30, 2012

Enamine announces opening of contract biology laboratory at its main research site in Kyiv, Ukraine. Enamine’s BioLab will be providing ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity) and biomolecular screening services to expand Enamine’s chemistry-driven CRO capabilities into the biological support of early phase drug discovery projects.
Integration of the newly created contract biology lab with Enamine’s internationally renowned synthetic chemistry powerhouse and the vast screening compound repository creates a perfect combination for providing efficient and cost-competitive drug discovery services to the international pharmaceutical and biotech industry.


Change of compound identification in Screening Collection
January 25, 2012

Enamine is planning to change the numbering of products offered through screening collections in 2012. To facilitate compound tracking in different offerings and allow transparent identification of structures by their unique ID throughout various databases, the old identification method utilizing lot-related T-numbers will be ceased. According to the new identification system all structures referring to compounds offered by Enamine for screening will have unique Z-codes familiar to those who worked with REAL Database before. Existing T-codes will be supported for ordering purposes.


Enamine Launched Peptide Synthesis Laboratory
October 18, 2011

Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis was launched by Enamine with a new PS3 Peptide synthesizer (Protein Technologies, Inc.). Small linear and cyclic peptides comprising 2 to 25 amino acid residues of both natural and unnatural origin can be prepared on 1-30 mg scale in a highly pure form (>95%). A large collection of proprietary unnatural amino acids including many conformationally constrained ones as well as ones containing fluorine substituents can be used to expand the variety of peptides. The example structures of peptides prepared with our new peptide synthesizer are listed below.
CF3-Labeled Gramicidin-S analogue Cell-penetrating peptide SAP-E
CF3-Labeled Gramicidin-S analogue
( Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. Engl 2006, 45, 5659-5661)

Cell-penetrating peptide SAP-E
( ChemBioChem 2011, 12, 896-903)

  CF3-Labeled SAP analogue

CF3-Labeled SAP analogue (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2008, 47 , 5765 –5767 )


Enamine hits the stock of building blocks
September 29, 2011

Over 51 000 low  molecular weight reagents are now available from our stock. To the best of our knowledge, with this amount of substances the company has become the world’s largest supplier of physically available building blocks. The considerable improvement of synthetic technologies at Enamine is pushing the limits of the stock update rate. Currently over 1 000 building blocks are added to the stock every month.


High-throughput synthesis workflow was optimized
September 26, 2011

Recently Enamine has further improved the high-throughput synthesis workflow used for preparation of compounds offered through the REAL Database. Removal of production bottlenecks, application of optimized technological solutions and expansion of high performance preparative flash chromatography unit allowed us to shorten entire production cycle to 12-14 days. Currently we are able to produce up to 2 000 samples per month using this optimized procedure. 90% feasibility rate can be achieved after a single production cycle for typical compound sets. Compounds synthesized via the enhanced scheme can be delivered within 3 weeks after acceptance of an order.


New version of EnamineStore is launched
July 24, 2011

EnamineStore at www.enaminestore.com was completely updated – both content and interface were affected by following changes:

  • new products added to catalog: except for stock Screening Compounds and Building Blocks now it is possible to search, browse and order feasible screening compounds (REAL DB) and Tangible Building Blocks
  • new search features: one-click 'Find Analogs' option, advanced search wizard, search by a list of CAS numbers and more
  • tracking and current statuses for orders placed on-line
  • supplemental data on stock compounds updated in catalog
  • new look of catalog and cart pages, color coding for compounds in different categories


Enamine makes analytical data available to the public
September 28, 2010

As from October 2010 Enamine provides access to NMR and LC/MS data for stock compounds through EnamineStore on-line service. Available spectral data for a compound of interest can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking the "Download spectral data" link located in the "Details" dialog accessible from the catalog section (search results). The analytical data can be accessed by registered users only.


Price reduction on select Enamine Building Blocks
March 31, 2010

Price of over 9 000 building blocks was reduced by 50% on average. Selected compounds were discounted by as much as 80%! The products affected by price reduction conform to high quality standards of Enamine and are available from stock. Over 1 500 building blocks from this set are also available for rush delivery in 1g batches. You can download the set of discounted building blocks as SDF, ISIS DB or PDF. Please visit EnamineStore to check current stock availability and order on-line.


Screening compounds are offered via three libraries
January 03, 2010

Starting from January 2010, Enamine starts offering screening compounds via three separate libraries: Advanced, HTS and Historical collection. Advanced collection will always contain only novel and recently synthesized compounds, thus clients who persistently monitor additions to Enamine stock will spend less time and efforts to find new structural motifs. HTS collection will continue to be an indispensable source of compounds for various screening needs, providing unparalleled choice of diverse chemotypes. Historical collection will contain compounds representing scientific heritage of major regional research groups and institutions, particularly interesting for research programs in agro-chemistry and material science.


Now Enamine Screening Collection is available at eMolecules
June 23, 2009

A new e-commerce system enabled by eMolecules has been introduced to provide another convenient tool to select and order Enamine's compounds online. The marketplace at enamine.emolecules.com features an intuitive user-friendly interface, familiar to visitors of www.emolecules.com, with full capabilities of e-shop, making shopping for screening compounds easier and faster than ever. The rapid search engine performs searches in our 1.2 million compound database faster than in 1 minute. After desired amounts, packaging and delivery options are set one can securely pay for selected compounds. Fully automated orders processing has been implemented to speed up compounds dispatch. Additional search features such as search by SDF or by a list of SMILES will make routine pursuit a pleasant experience.


Rush delivery of building blocks has been enabled within EU
May 18, 2009

Enamine has established an EU-based stock of building blocks. Ordered compound can now be delivered the next business day. The rush deliveries are possible for a selection of the most popular building blocks in 1 g batch size. We plan to expand our service of expedite deliveries to cover more products in the near future.

Our US-based stock is operational since 2007. With introduction of the new stock Enamine fulfills its commitment to become the world's leading supplier of research chemicals.


On-Line Database capabilities expansion
January 16, 2009

Enamine Ltd reports significant progress in development of efficient on-line search and ordering system (On-Line Database). The following features have been implemented during 2008 and are available now to visitors of our web-site:

  • ultra-fast substructural, similarity and ADME property searches in the pool of  more than 1 200 000 stock structures;
  • convenient search for an ID list;
  • handy and intuitive user interface;
  • instant price calculation for compounds prior to order;
  • no registration required to place order on-line;
  • accurate and always up-to-date information on stock availability for each substance;
  • frequent updates allow swift appearance of new compounds online;
  • structures of selected compounds can be downloaded as SDF for future reference.

We make every effort to further improve and evolve our On-Line Database. We are planning to introduce more innovations soon, providing our valued customers with handy tool for their procurement needs. If you would like to suggest a new functionality for On-Line Database, please write to and let us know your opinion.


Several articles of Enamine researchers written in 2008 have been referenced in SYNFACTS
December 3, 2008

To review abstracts published in SYNFACTS please follow these links: 3-Formylchromone to Quinoline Interconversion, An Undemanding Synthesis of Thiazolo[4,5-d]pyridines.
We believe that appearance of reviews of articles written by our chemists among summaries of the current most significant chemical works once again demonstrates high grade of Enamine's expertise in synthetic organic chemistry and particularly in chemistry of heterocycles. Also, please check References section of our web-site for updated list of scientific papers published by our researchers within last year.


New 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline-3-carboxylic acids
April 9, 2008

Enamine informs customers about successful development of efficient one-pot procedure for synthesis of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline-3-carboxylic acids (analogues of N-substituted nipecotic acids).
Reaction scheme is shown below:

Transformation of intermediate product proceeds smoothly in situ , isolation and purification of spiro quinoline-diones is not required. Yields of corresponding carboxylic acids vary from 45 to 70%. Existence of compounds demonstrating anticonvulsant, antiepileptic, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and neuroregulatoric activities between known derivatives of nipecotic acid makes exploration of these highly bioavailable acids particularly encouraging. Set of relevant compounds available from Enamine stock can be looked up online or found in current databases. Additional information about synthesis of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline-3-carboxylic acids will be provided upon .


Enamine proudly announces public release of the Fragment Library
March 4, 2008

Enamine Ltd announces public release of the Library for for Fragment Based Drug Discovery (FBDD) . This perfectly crafted product consists of 1200 compounds, strictly conforming to the widely-adopted by drug discovery inductry Astex’s Rule-Of-3. Fragment Library is constructed around more than 300 core cyclic fragments, featuring unique heterocyclic systems available solely from Enamine. Diversity of over 0.8 justifies the fact that the library is truly unsurpassed at chemical space coverage. Every entry of the library has a long series of a analogical screening compounds available from Enamine Screening Collection. These compounds are readily available to a customer to support fast progress from initial fragment identification to the potent hit. Also, as a part of the follow-up service offered by Enamine, building blocks featuring the same fragments can be purchased directly from Enamine stock to rapidly construct custom library around a chosen core.
For detailed description of Enamine Fragment Library please click here.
More information about Enamine Fragment Library is also available upon .


Enamine Ltd announces public release of the virtual building blocks library assembled in collaboration with Ukrorgsynthesis Ltd.
March 2, 2008

Library of over 150 000 virtual building blocks has been assembled in collaboration with Ukrorgsynthesis Ltd (UORSY). High feasibility of structures from UORSY Library is backed up by the strong expertise and long term experience in synthetic organic chemistry in both Enamine and UORSY. Over 400 validated and rigorously tested procedures based on more than 50 basic chemical transformations has been utilized to create UORSY Library, leading to the highly diverse set of structures. Reactive intermediates presented in UORSY Library can be effectively utilized in parallel synthesis, for rapid hit-to-lead advance in drug discovery or in various conventional synthetic projects. Compounds from UORSY Library can be ordered in standard batches directly from Ukrorgsynthesis Ltd. Usual delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Please download UORSY Library.


Product Focus: Amino acids selection
December 27, 2007

New product focus issue is available - an updated amino acids database.

Enamine Ltd is pleased to announce expansion of the available laboratory space.
December 21, 2007

Enamine Ltd is pleased to announce expansion of the available laboratory space by 200 m2 (2150 sq feet).
Three new lab units were set up for normal operations after construction works and renovation. New laboratory units were equipped with modern laboratory furniture provided by Ukrorgsynthesis Ltd and new labware by IKA, Ilmvac, Axis. Laboratories will be occupied by Custom Synthesis Department, further increasing its capabilities.

Product Focus: Tetrahydrothiophen-1,1-dioxides.
December 12, 2007

Today we present a short bulletin about 3-amino-tetrahydrothiophen-1,1-dioxides in our "Product Focus" section. Several types of reagents featuring this popular motif can be ordered from Enamine stock as well as their derivatives suitable for HTS.

Custom weighing
November 12, 2007

Custom weighing service is available at Enamine.

Product Focus: chiral building blocks
November 9, 2007

We announce a series of publications highlighting different features of our Building Blocks Database, entitled "Product Focus". This time we would like to draw your attention to the " Enamine chiral building blocks selection", which describes our collection of chiral optically pure compounds.

Polymer-supported chemistry in Enamine
November 6, 2007

The growing demand for screening substances during the past years has imposed the need to develop new methods for the fast and efficient generation of novel, diverse chemical compounds. The ease of separation of polymer supported reagents from target compounds makes solid phase synthesis an invaluable tool of discovery in medicinal chemistry. Recently Enamine has established research projects in polymer supported organic and combinatorial chemistry. The projects listed bellow deal with design and synthesis of new tailored polymer supports and reagents as well as highly efficient novel polymeric scavengers.

  1. Polymer supported synthesis of potentially biologically active amidines using chromethyl polysterene-divinylbenzene polymer support (PLCH2Cl).
  2. Application of polymer supported catalysts of hydrolysis reactions.
  3. Development of versatile three component polymeric scavenging systems for efficient purification of various target compounds.
  4. Synthesis of polymer supported lead compounds for affinity chromatography studies of their interactions with target proteins.

Sirius Fine Chemicals SiChem GmbH announces a co-operation agreement with Enamine Ltd.

Sirius Fine Chemicals SiChem GmbH announces a co-operation agreement with Enamine Ltd. Recognizing challenges of cotemporary drug discovery with growing demand for optically active compounds the two companies agreed to join their efforts in synthesis of enantiomerically pure products. Enamine is an established provider of a wide array of building blocks widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. SiChem holds an expertise in enantioseparation of organic compounds in multi-gram to multi-kilogram amounts.

Owing to this co-operation the world's life science community can supplement its research with valuable optically pure functionalized compounds. Today, Enamine's products provide a unique opportunity of continuous lead development. Practically all building blocks which were previously available only as racemic mixtures can now be purchased in enantiomerically pure form.

Both companies complement perfectly combining a long term experience in the technique of enantioseparation of SiChem with a big capacity of chemical synthesis of Enamine. First projects include production of enantiomerically pure unnatural amino acids. Please inquire on these and other Enamine's products at or

Simulogic Inc. and Enamine Ltd. entered into marketing agreement to distribute cardiac electrical activity simulation platform.
Simulogic Inc. (Canada), the premiere developer of electrophysiology simulation software, today announced an agreement with Enamine Ltd. (Ukraine) to co-market and distribute Simulogic's CESE platform. This arrangement will accelerate Simulogic's exposure to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry and increase market reach for its products.
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Enamine Expands North American Operations
Enamine announces the expansion of their North American operations by opening a second office outside of Princeton, New Jersey and hiring additional sales support.
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New procedure allowing introduction of amidine fragment in a molecules of HTS compounds and building blocks has been implemented in production cycle.
Enamine is proud to inform customers about development and implementation of a very efficient procedure for transformation of primary and secondary amines into guanidines. Reaction scheme is shown below.

Generation of polymer-supported isothioureas in situ allows easy removal of excessive starting material by filtration. Lack of procurable amidines makes presented transformation particularly attractive. Please us for a list of available amidines or inquire about a structures you are interested in.

Enamine announces Drug Discovery Collaboration Agreement with Chemotargets.
Enamine Ltd., a leader in custom chemistry services and screening libraries based in Kiev, Ukraine, announced today that it has entered into a drug discovery collaboration agreement with Chemotargets SL, a Barcelona-based in silico pharmacology company, whereby Chemotargets will apply its target profiling platform to design chemical libraries directed to therapeutically relevant protein families that will be subsequently synthesized by Enamine.

USA postal office
To expedite shipping and facilitate handling and logistic operations Enamine Company opens postal office in USA. It is especially beneficial for customers ordering small batches of compounds. Now we can deliver your order directly to your working place using internal USA postal service. Also, you are welcome to arrange delivery of your custom packing materials to our US postal office. Please, contact Tatyana Nizhnik concerning delivery of Enamine compounds in North America.


New CombiFlash chromatography system has been launched in Enamine new premises.
To further increase Enamine's capabilities in Custom Synthesis services new CombiFlash Companion personal flash chromatography system has been purchased and installed in Enamine new premises. Separation and purification became much easier and quicker task. The system permits gradient elution.

Chromatographic separation of liquid, solid and low-soluble compounds is performed regularly. A wide set of columns allows chemists to separate almost any mixture of compounds promptly.

Carna Biosciences and Enamine Sign Collaboration Agreement
Carna Biosciences, Inc. and Enamine Ltd. jointly announced the signing of a collaboration agreement to cooperate on discovery and development of lead compounds against targeted kinase.

Recently developed docking Targeted Libraries
Enamine would like to offer recently developed docking Targeted Libraries to our customers, as follows:

• Kinase:
c-Src - 492 compounds
CDK5 - 672 compounds
p38 - 1767 compounds

• Nuclear receptor:
THRb-1 - 461 compounds

• Isomerase:
Topoisomerase-1 - 434 compounds

Establishing a new HTS facility
Enamine is setting up the new High Throughput Screening facility, with the main goal of validation of the targeted libraries developed at Enamine. HTS kits and enzymes from Upstate will be used to ensure high reliability of the screening results. Equipped with the Tecan Ultra detection platform and Beckman's Multimek 96 automated multichannel pipettor, the new HTS lab will be able to run up to 10,000 samples per day. The new facility is planned to start functioning in December 2005.

Enamine announces increase of FTE starting from January 1, 2006
Enamine's service of Custom Synthesis has been actively developing over last few years. It was recognized by our customers for its excellence in quality delivered at very competitive prices. As our company is dedicated to offering its clients highest level of Custom Synthesis service, we keep investing in new technologies and equipment, which resulted in the FTE increase.
Please be sure that our prices are still competitive, despite the planned increase.

Conformationally rigid amino acids
We offer a set of conformationally rigid proline analogues. This amino acid is frequently found in peptide b-turns, which play an important role in peptide receptor recognition and antigen determination ( J. Mol. Biol . 1988, 203, 221-232). It is highly probable that the bioisosteric replacement of proline analogues for proline in the known biologically active peptides/drugs may lead to new potential drug candidates.

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