Cysteine focused Covalent Fragments

The library is no longer available. A new version of the library is in the process of being created and will be available soon. Contact us if you want to order compounds of this class from dry powders (pre-plated sets are not available now).

Covalent chemical probes become an important tool in drug discovery within last few years. The impressive number of successful applications in protein drugability assessment, especially focusing on Cys residue, brought aspiration to discovery and synthesis of new covalent modifiers.

We used deep knowledge-based approach to design and synthesize our cysteine focused fragment library. Careful choice of covalent warheads based on their reactivity was performed by experienced chemists and reflected a small set of specific structural filters. Electrophilic fragments selected by structural filters were then analyzed to remove any molecules with trivial or unwanted structural features.

Selected covalent warheads

  • Acrylamides
  • Chloroacetamides

Examples of the molecules


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