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Amides of chloroacetic acids are soft alkylating agents and are among the most popular covalent binders. They are synthesized using amide coupling reaction of chloroacetic acids with primary and secondary amines:


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13 146 compounds for cherry-picking


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Version: 27 October 2023

1 200 compounds

Chloroacetamide Fragment Library

Version: 13 September 2021

1 360 compounds

Besides cherry-picking from around 2 000 chloroacetamides from stock you can acquire a small library of these covalent ligands already plated in DMSO solution for fast supply. Conducted stability tests show that compounds remain in frozen DMSO solution at least within 1 year without any significant degradation.

Chloropropianates. Somewhat less reactive amides of α-chloropropionic acid can be also employed in discovery of selective covalent probes.

Synthesis of new covalent ligands. We offer a unique possibility to produce a customized library of chloroacetamides and / or chloropropianates. Based on our experience in making these covalent compounds and availability of over 40k amines in our stock we have enumerated a library of REAL (readily accessible) covalent compounds. We will produce at least 80% compounds from your selection within only 4-6.


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