Cubane-containing building blocks

In 2016, chemists showed that replacing a benzene ring in the neurotropic compound Leteprinim with a skeleton of cubane beneficially affected activity and water solubility of the parent compound (Figure 1). Since then the cubane-containing building blocks are gaining high popularity in drug discovery projects, as mimics for the benzene ring (Figure 2).


Herein, we synthesized cubane-1,4-diester 1 in 100 g scale following the literature protocol, and used it for the synthesis of diverse cubane-containing building blocks (Schemes 1).

Our offer:

Currently, we have synthesized 6 cubane-containing building blocks, that are available in our EnamineStore on a gram scale


We also have designed a library of cubane-containing building blocks for drug discovery programs. These molecules can be synthesized upon request within 4-6 weeks.

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