Unnatural Amino Acids

Amino acids are a privileged class of building blocks in drug design. Synthesis of new unusual amino acids has always been in focus of Enamine’s research since its foundation 26 years ago. We are proud to offer the world’s largest collection of unnatural amino acids from our stock and offer our skills and expertise in synthesis of custom compounds or compound libraries.

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Our offer:

  • Over 3 000 amino acids in stock on a gram scale, racemic mixtures and pure enantiomers
  • Over 1 000 000 synthetically accessible REAL amino acids, lead time 5-6 weeks, feasibility 75%
  • Focus on DNA-encoded library synthesis: supply of Fmoc-derivatives in µmol amounts
  • Custom synthesis of amino acids, their derivatives, and compound libraries

Amino acids with charged side chains

Amino acids with polar and hydrophilic side chains

Amino acids with hydrophobic side chains

Conformationally restricted amino acids

Fluorinated amino acids

β−and γ−Amino acids

Polyfunctional, DEL-compatible amino acids


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