Fluoroalkyl ethers for Drug Design

More than 20% of all modern pharmaceuticals and up to 30% of agrochemicals contain at least one fluorine atom. As a typical fluoroalkoxy group, trifluoromethoxy (-OCF3) is prevalent in bioactive compounds. Compared to the well-studied -OCF3 group, its bulkier analogue, pentafluoroethoxy (-OC2F5) group, has been much less explored. In fact, -OC2F5 and -OCF3 groups have similar electronic properties, lipophilicity and metabolic stability. In this context, Enamine offers a library of various fluoroalkyl-substituted ethers for drug design.

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Case studies


    ↑ lipophilicity;
    ↑ electron-withdrawing ability;
    ↑ chemical and thermal stability;
    ↑ metabolic stability.

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More than 50 of fluoroalkyl ethers from stock on a 5-10 g scale.


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