CF3-Diazirines for photoaffinity labeling

Diazirines are the smallest molecules used in photochemical cross-linking and photoaffinity labeling approaches. Light radiation transfers them into highly reactive carbenes that attach to the molecular fragment in their immediate vicinity. However, unwanted reactions may occur and scramble the labeling process, unless… a CF3-group comes to help! Our set of CF3‑diazirines has been developed to make derived probe molecules act at the time and place you shine light on them, not elsewhere.

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Key advantage

A common problem with diazirine photo-labeling is formation of diazo species that release carbenes with a time lag allowing diffusion away from the intended binding site and off-target binding. In 1980, Brunner et al. invented CF3‑diazirines to mitigate this mechanism. The off-target mechanism is reduced due to the notoriously low reactivity of CF3‑diazo compounds.

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More than 30 of CF3-diazirines from stock on a 5-10 g scale.


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