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From 01/01/2016 Enamine has been acting as a project coordinator of a four year-long PELICO project, funded under the European Union’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship programme - within the framework of Horizon 2020.

The EU-funded PELICO project has been developing peptidomimetics that can switch between two forms: either biologically inactive or biologically active when exposed to light of specific wavelengths.

The PELICO team is carrying out work in four main areas. The first stage includes carrying out pharmacokinetic and toxicity studies of photo-controlled peptidomimetics synthesised under previous research. Next, novel photo-controlled building blocks are evaluated to ascertain their compatibility with peptides. Then, new photo-controlled peptidomimetics are created, based on these novel building blocks.

PELICO researchers believe this new approach represents a breakthrough in the design, synthesis and application of peptide analogues. Initial testing is being carried out with a special emphasis on antimicrobial and cancer treatments.

Up to date, the project implementation has yielded promising research results, facilitated by a highly positive impact of Enamine as a COO.