Building Blocks With Primary Amide and Primary Ureide Groups

Enamine Company would like to present new Building Blocks containing CONH2 or NHCONH2 groups in side chains. These compounds also bear other functional groups allowing easy transformations to desired screening compounds with primary amide and ureide moieties.

Few examples of the offered Building Blocks are shown below:

Primary amide and ureide groups impart high hydrophilicity to a screening compounds and strongly increase binding affinity to protein molecules because of their structural similarity to peptide bonds. Thus screening compounds with CONH2 and/or NHCONH2 groups have more chances to form complexes with active site of a receptor.

We have various classes of the Building Blocks (carboxylic acids, primary and secondary amines, alkylating agents, heterocyclic thiols etc.) with CONH2 or NHCONH2 groups in side chains which could be used in diverse combinatorial and parallel synthesis reactions. You can download lists of the Building Blocks with primary amide and ureide groups organized by the major functionality:

  • Carboxylic Acids
  • Primary and Secondary Amines
  • Alkylating Agents
  • Heterocyclic Thiols
  • Miscellaneous

Complete list of all Building Blocks containing CONH2 or NHCONH2 groups available from Enamine stock.


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