Nucleoside Mimetics

271 compounds

Nucleoside mimetics from 2.2M HTS Compound Collection

  • Careful Substructure Search
    Search of nucleoside core fragments and their bioisosteric heterocycles with simultaneous presence of sugar-like moiety
  • Strict MedChem Filters
    Removal of undesired functionalities, reactive groups and large aromatic fragments
  • Chemotype Control
    Compounds with trivial structural fragments were mostly removed. Control of renovation of the library in accordance to new literature data.

Design of REAL Nucleoside mimetics dataset

REAL structures with validated synthetic procedures

  • Combinatorial approach
    Over 100 000 Building Blocks immediately available for modification:
    • Diazine heterocyclic cores mimic nucleobases
    • alicyclic amino alcohols - sugars
  • Filtering of unwanted functionalities & MedChem inspection
  • Automated parallel synthesis
    Implementation of well-developed reaction procedures operated by highly experienced staff

Design of REAL Nucleoside mimetics dataset

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