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Enamine is a global leader in exploring chemical space. Newly discovered chemotypes are unusual and rare, providing unprecedented opportunities for discovery of new drugs. Having already the world’s largest compound collection we keep producing over 150 000 new screening compounds and over 25 000 new building blocks for hit development each year. Using our compounds for hit finding you will receive:

  • Access to the latest scientific achievements in compound library design
  • Seamless hit follow-up support in the shortest time, using our building blocks for hit expansion and optimization or simply acquiring hit analogues from REAL Database
  • An option to enter collaboration with Enamine in medicinal chemistry under most favorable conditions

Diversity Compound Libraries. 10k and 50k non-overlapping diverse compound libraries are presented as “Discovery Diversity Sets” (DDS). In their design we focused on over 450k novel compounds we have synthesized within last 3 years. The larger screening library – “Hit Locator Library” (HLL) represents the entire 2.6 M screening compound collection. HLL core library consists of 200k compounds (HLL-200), whereas the entire HLL as 500k compounds (HLL-500).

Targeted Compound Libraries. Our target-class-biased libraries were designed using balanced approach based on thorough analysis of the available information on targets and their ligands and involving:

  • Virtual target-based screening
  • Pharmacophore search
  • Molecular properties PCA
  • Privileged/scaffold structure search
  • 3D shape-based similarity search

The 6 major libraries include GPCR Library, Kinase Library, CNS Library, PPI Library, Ion Channel Library, and Immuno-Oncology Library totaling over 250k unique compounds available for fast supply from our pre-plated collection.

Smart mix-up approach. To further enhance the HTS success you can use a mix of the libraries composing partly of diverse compounds and partly of target-biased compounds.

Enamine’s Screening Center “Bienta” provides contract HTS services with a unique advantage of direct and immediate access to the entire 2.6M+ screening compounds deck. Various assay readouts and screening technologies accompanied with vast experience of running the assays of different complexity and on different targets, both biochemical and cell-based, reinforced with hit confirmation from fresh powders and unlimited possibilities for fast and efficient hit follow-up enable fast discovery of novel hits.

Diversity Libraries

Targeted Libraries

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