Chloroethenesulfonyl chloride

CAS 591253-79-1, Cat. No EN300-78543
Reagent precursor to acetylene

Chloroethenesulfonyl chloride

1-Chloroethenesulfonyl chloride is a reagent that can just with little heating yield acetylene. It is bench-stable oil, soluble in all common aprotic organic solvents. Usually, the reagent is applied for 1,3 -dipolar cycloaddition, which can be performed without solvent, just the substrate in the 1-chloroethenesulfonyl chloride as solvent and reagent[1]. After the reaction, the product can be very easily separate from reagent by chromatography.

Synonyms: 1-Chloroethenesulfonyl chloride; 1-Chloro-1-ethenesulfonyl chloride; 1-Chloroethylenesulfonyl chloride

Selected publication

  1. Identification of 4-Substituted 1,2,3-Triazoles as Novel Oxazolidinone Antibacterial Agents with Reduced Activity against Monoamine Oxidase A.

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