Vinyl thianthrenium tetrafluoroborate

CAS 2703016-98-0, Cat. No EN300-43394895
Reagent for the selective vinylation of organic substrates

Vinyl Thianthrenium Tetrafluoroborate

Vinylthianthrenium tetrafluoroborate is an innovative vinylating reagent. Overcoming the challenges associated with incorporating a vinyl group as a C-2 building block, this reagent offers unique properties and reactivity profiles. With its broad substrate scope, Vinylthianthrenium tetrafluoroborate enables effective transformations, including N-vinylation of heterocycles, vinylation of aryl boronic acids, and annulation of cyclic and heterocyclic substrates. Its distinctive structure positions it as a superior performer in cross-coupling reactions. Moreover, this reagent facilitates metal-free cyclopropanation and aziridination of alkenes with XH2 (X=N, C). Its ease of handling, reliable reactivity, and crystalline, shelf-stable nature make it a valuable asset in laboratories.

Synonyms: 5-ethenyl-5H-thianthren-5-ium, tetrafluoroboranuide