CAS 91686-39-4, Cat. No EN300-57100
Reagent for the introduction of cyclopropyl groups

1-Cyano-1-trimethylsilylcyclopropane, 1-trimethylsilylcyclopropane-1-carbonitrile, сyclopropanecarbonitrile, 1-(trimethylsilyl)

1-trimethylsilylcyclopropane-1-carbonitrile is a stable, operationally simple procedure reagent for attaching cyclopropyl groups. It is an air-stable white powder, solvable in THF, that under mild reaction conditions with TBAF or BTAF forms a cyclopropyl anion that can undergo aldol condensation reactions to form a C‑C bond. The reagent exhibits predictable positional selectivity and boasts a high level of compatibility with various functional groups. This makes it an excellent option for polyfunctional substrates, enabling the construction of complex molecules and productive for pharmaceutically important targets.

Synonyms: 1-trimethylsilylcyclopropane-1-carbonitrile, 1-(trimethylsilyl)