Fluorinated Benzodioxoles

Drugs with the benzodioxole moiety showed excellent bioavailability and low cytotoxicity. The benzodioxole structure inspired the creation of fluorinated analogues to improve drug-target interactions and metabolic stability. Lumacaftor and Tezacaftor represent an innovative type of drugs: the small molecule chaperones. The difluoro-1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl-cyclopropane carboxamide group, shared between both drugs, binds to the nascent chain of the mutant protein during its biosynthesis. In this way, the protein corrects the folding defects and escapes premature degradation that could cause disease. Enamine offers a variety of advanced building blocks that share the fluorinated benzodioxole core structure.

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More than 100 fluorinated benzodioxoles and analogues from stock on a 5-10 g scale.


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