Diazirines for Photoaffinity Labeling

Diazirine is a smallest heterocycle that is stable in the dark, but forms reactive carbene upon irradiation with light. The formed carbenes smoothly insert into C-H, N-H, and O-H bonds. Therefore, diazirines are often used as photoreactive crosslinking reagents due to their small size, short period of irradiation, and stability toward nucleophiles. In this context, Enamine offers a library of diazirines for drug design.

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  • smallest photoreactive group;
  • excitation at 355 nm;
  • high chemical stability.

Upon irradiation of a ligand-target complex, a diazirine-containing ligand generates a reactive carbene that covalently binds the ligand to the target.

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More than 100 of diazirines from stock on a 5-10 g scale.


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