Carboxylic acids

Carboxylic acids are the second largest building block category of Enamine’s stock (after amines); they are extensively used in the lab as precursors to many other compound classes. Enamine offers over 37 000 carboxylic acids from stock ranging from small decorating building blocks to intermediates and complex scaffolds for library synthesis. Our collection is the largest in the world being continuously enriched with novel carboxylic acids that we design and synthesize in our labs.

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Novel carboxylic acids

Every month we synthesize hundreds of new carboxylic acids that we immediately commercialize in our catalog available for browsing at EnamineStore. It is only with a delay sometimes of a few months that the new and in many cases unique items are published in the established aggregator platforms. If you are looking for original recently synthesized building blocks we encourage you to use our focused selection of 6 months.


Enamine’s stock collection can offer a wide range of scaffolds for drug design, being represented by bi- and trifunctional building blocks allowing for chemoselective modification.

Building blocks for parallel synthesis

Carboxylic acids have found a wide application in synthesis of compound libraries first of all because of smoothly running amide bond formation. Using our in-house developed reactivity filters we have selected a range of carboxylic acids that can provide clean reactions and high yields of the products. All compounds having side functionalities that interfere under majority of the reaction conditions have been removed from this set. Such set of carboxylic acids can be easily shared on your request.

Building blocks and scaffolds for DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) synthesis

Design of the scaffolds for synthesis of DEL libraries should respect principle of orthogonal reactivity of the functional groups coupled with their relatively high reactivity allowing for smooth and selective reactions under mild reaction conditions. Only the right combination of functional groups allows using the compound in DEL synthesis. Enamine offers numerous DNA-compatible carboxylic acids with additional functional groups such as aldehyde, amino groups, halogens, etc.

Screening compounds and fragments

Screening compounds and fragments containing carboxyl function have special interest to drug discovery. They have improved probability for hit identification in the case of new and difficult targets, e.g. protein-protein interaction, due to binding affinity to so-called “hot-spot” amino acid residues. We offer special selections of carboxylic acids from Enamine’s screening compounds and fragment collection.

Special subsets

Fluorinated carboxylic acids

Aromatic heterocyclic carboxylic acids

Amino acids and their derivatives

Bi- and polycyclic carboxylic acids

MADE carboxylic acids

Having synthesized thousands of carboxylic acids and having numerous starting materials in stock we can easily use our skills and documented knowledge to synthesize in short term analogous compounds to what we publish in our catalog. We have gathered our ideas of such new building blocks in a database that can be shared on request.


Enamine offers world class service in chemical synthesis of a wide variety of organic compounds on the milligram to kilogram scale at competitive price.


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