Building Block Sets for Library Synthesis

Access to the diverse and highly representative Enamine building block collection provides obvious benefits for SAR exploration and other library synthesis projects. However, they are often outstripped by the costly routine in-house weighing operations and the necessity to develop and maintain an internal building block archive. With Enamine, you can purchase a pre-weighted building block set in exactly the quantity you need for your next reaction and still have full access to our entire stock collection without limitation to your selection. Please download our stock building block database from here.

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The building blocks will be weighted free-of-charge in low-mg- or µmol-amounts in the containers of your choice. These can be 1 Dram or 2 Dram reaction vials with pressure relief caps, any other vials appropriately labeled with our building block ID’s or 2D-barcoded 0.75 or 1.4 mL tubes in racks. You can also provide your own reaction containers. All you need to do, when you receive the reagent set, is to add solvent and carry out a reaction with your starting compound.

Quick Building Block* / Quick Monomer Program. In case of the regular needs for supply of the building sets we offer an optimized set-up enabling minimal delivery times. It is based on the pre-agreed order and logistics workflow and flat building block prices. When all terms are part of our agreement, delivery can take as quickly as 1-3 days.

* The term “Quick Building Blocks” was coined by Christopher J. Helal, et al. ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2019 10 (8), 1104-1109 in their study of a novel business partnership that aims at just-in-time, economical access to a large number of diverse commercial building blocks.