eProcurement is Easy With Enamine



Being the global leader in supplying state-of-the-art chemical products for drug discovery (building blocks and screening compounds), Enamine also created a sophisticated ecommerce integration layer, allowing for a seamless eProcurment process to be enabled between buyers and vendors.

 While we do all possible to deliver our compounds to your lab as soon as possible large improvements can be made by migrating to e-procurement solutions.


Accessing Enamine catalogue via e-procurement integration delivers benefits of fast turn-around and cost savings 



The interface offers a flexible way to establish a secure and automated connectivity between customers’ in-house enterprise procurement systems and Enamine’s vast “punch-out” and static catalogs. This allows buyers to utilize the power of Enamine’s advanced ERP/Web commerce systems to reduce purchasing costs and streamline the procurement process through automating e-commerce workflow, with minimum transaction errors and time required for data exchange. The integration with, the world’s premier shop for research chemicals with outstanding functionality and search kit, can be done via industrial data exchange protocols, such as cXML and OCI, and can be customized to fit to the existing configuration of the customer’s procurement system.


We have hands-on experience dealing with leading e-procurement software systems including Ariba, SAP, Jaggaer, Coupa, Aquiire, Agresso, and others.


With more than 155,000 building blocks and 2,580,000 screening compounds in stock available for e-procurement, Enamine has become a preferred strategic chemical supplier of a growing number of pharma, agro, drug discovery companies, and academic research institutes around the globe.


And of course, we provide significant discounts upon establishing the connection


Please contact us here to learn more on integration algorithm or simply request a static building block catalogue with favorable pricing.

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