Having been founded in 1991 as a supplier of fine chemicals, Enamine has gradually evolved into a diversified contract research organization, offering not only the world’s largest inventory of building blocks, fragments and screening compounds for purchase, but also a reliable and knowledgeable partner to support a broad range of research programs with comprehensive chemical and biology services.

Chemical services

Biology Services

Discovery Chemistry

Functional Compounds

Enamine is holding a leading position on the market not only because of its outstanding chemical offering and resources, but also due to reliable and flexible collaboration models, highly skilled management and supportive research consultancy.

Enamine offers fee-for-service as well as FTE based collaborations. An schematic example of the latter is given below:

Organizational Model

  • Enamine Senior management supervises the entire collaboration
  • Project is supervised by senior researcher (non-billable FTE) communicating with client and reporting to senior management
  • A typical group consists of 2-6 FTE’s having different roles, depending on the project nature. A mix of chemical and biological FTE’s is possible (FTE rate is the same)

Whenever you would like to reduce a burden with customary packaged building blocks or formatting screening compounds ready for assays, developing optimal sequence of synthetic pathways, accomplishing synthesis of small or large compound libraries - Enamine can offer you cost-effective solutions, backed up by experienced medicinal chemists, QC facilities and an efficient procurement.


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