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Sulfonimidamides and Imidosulfuric Diamides: Compounds from an Underexplored Part of Biologically Relevant Chemical Space

Chemistry 2019, 25 (28), 6928-6940

DOI: 10.1002/chem.201900440

Zasukha S.; Timoshenko V.; Tolmachev A.; Pivnytska V.; Gavrylenko O.; Zhersh S.; Shermolovich Y.; Grygorenko O.

Two novel solid reagents—1‐sulfonimidoyl‐ and 1‐sulfamimidoyl‐3‐methylimidazolium derivatives—for the synthesis of sulfonimidamides and imidosulfuric diamides, respectively, were developed. It is shown that these reagents are very effective in substitution reactions with various N‐ and O‐nucleophiles; therefore, they significantly extend the accessibility to the chemical space covered by organosulfur(VI) compounds with S=N bonds. In addition, previously unknown imidosulfuric diamides with free imino nitrogen groups were prepared, and their physical and chemical properties were characterized (including molecular geometry, pKa, Log P, microsomal stability, and reactivity towards typical electrophiles). Similar to other organosulfur(VI) derivatives with S=N bonds, these compounds can be considered as promising bioisosteres of amides, ureas, or sulfonamides.


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