Electrochemical C(sp3)-H Fluorination

Synlett 2019, 30 (10), 1178-1182

DOI: 10.1055/s-0037-1611737

Takahira Y.; Chen M.; Kawamata Y.; Mykhailiuk P.; Nakamura H.; Peters B.; Reisberg S.; Li C.; Chen L.; Hoshikawa T.; Shibuguchi T.; Baran P.

A simple and robust method for electrochemical alkyl C–H fluorination is presented. Using a simple nitrate additive, a widely available fluorine source (Selectfluor), and carbon-based electrodes, a wide variety of activated and unactivated C–H bonds are converted into their C–F congeners. The scalability of the reaction is also demonstrated with a 100 gram preparation of fluorovaline.

Electrochemical C(sp3)-H Fluorination


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