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Screening Compounds

We are proud to offer the world’s largest collection of screening compounds for the biological screening. It has 2 595 552 low molecular weight organic compounds. Synthesis of such huge number of diverse and distinct compounds in significant amount (typically 150 mg is in stock) was enabled owing to the early focus of the company on development of its own building block inventory. Thanks to this, hits from our collection can be easily and efficiently followed both with re-synthesis of larger quantities for extensive biological testing and with synthesis of focused compound libraries for SAR exploration. We always have arrays of similar building blocks at hand to synthesize libraries of analogues.

HTS Collection
MW 370.4
ClogP 3.31
Advanced Collection
MW 338.4
ClogP 2.73
Premium Collection
MW 348.4
ClogP -0.32

Examples of compounds from Enamine's screening collection.

All Enamine compounds have undergone rigorous quality control with LCMS and/or 1H NMR to meet requirement of 90% purity. The compounds are stored as dry powders and a part of collection (around 250 000 compounds) have been put in solutions to assure smooth handling of oily and sticky compounds.

Selected Enamine compound can be delivered in any custom format including vials, 96- and 384-well plates.

Further information or advice on particular libraries to use can be obtained by contacting us at .

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