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  • Building Blocks – over 894 358 reactive fine chemicals & core intermediates. Inherent value of novelty and application of cutting-edge synthetic chemistry makes our Building Blocks an attractive source for new idea.  
  • Screening Compounds – 2 595 552 compounds represented as Premium, Advanced & HTS Screening Collections that are constantly enhanced with new chemotypes and molecules with parameters of excellence trends.
  • REAL DataBase – the pool of over 600 M feasible compounds, readily accessible mostly from available Building Blocks via production capacity of Enamine, powerful tool for extremely fast hit follow-up and hit optimization projects. REAL DataBase represents chemicals space of Enamine.  
  • Fragment Libraries – large variety of special molecular sets carefully designed for most demanded FBDD projects, include compounds from Screening & Building Block Collections.
  • Focused & Targeted Libraries – finely crafted sets of compounds selected from our Screening Collection intended to reach a wide range of Drug Discovery purposes and tasks in AgroScience field.

Our Building Blocks, the largest commercially available Collection in the world, contains structurally and chemically diverse fine chemicals represented within wide range of chemical classes. Enamine has excellent expertise and research background in development of new heterocycles, creation of novel and unusual functional motifs in molecules. Novel Building Blocks are effective tools to quickly build value in research projects ranging from early lead generation to lead characterization and process development, being in the same time within opportunity for high IP value.

Screening Compounds originated from the unique source – REAL DataBase, were mostly synthesized by in-house-developed production technology and resulted in the dataset of over 2.6 M entities. Enamine remains the only producer that keeps enhancing its collection with significant number of qualitative new compounds each year. Production capacity of up to 20 000 compounds per month accounts for constant expansion of all our compound collections. Over 85% of compounds conform to the industry standard Rule of five and more than a half of Screening Collection belongs to the lead-like limitation.  

Enamine Focused & Targeted Libraries are designed to provide valuable contribution at various stages of drug discovery paradigm.  We provide comprehensively designed Focused & Targeted Libraries that could be used for hit-to-lead and lead generation stages. The important advantages of our libraries are often presence of multipronged approach in design and opportunity for extremely fast hit expansion and follow-up. Finally, in the context of integrated solutions we contribute to hit discovery through lead optimization stages in close junction with our medicinal chemists.

We supply only the highest quality products and subject all our compounds to rigorous QC tests. Compounds can be packaged per any customer’s specifications.

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