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Quality Control

Quality standards and procedures: All products of Enamine pass strict and multi-level quality control. Building blocks have chemical purity of at least 95%, optical purity (if applicable) of at least 95% ee and water content less than 1%. It is widely known that residual moisture may be responsible for the increased formation of side products and much shorter shelf life of the building blocks. Chemical purity of the screening compounds is at least 90%. The analytical data are checked for expiration prior to each shipment and, if necessary, new spectra are recorded to assure delivery of only quality products.

NMR: All building blocks and majority of the screening compounds are analyzed by 1H NMR. Enamine has two NMR instruments: Varian INOVA Plus (400 MHz for protons) and Bruker Avance (500 MHz for protons).

LCMS: This method is used to check the quality of all products of Enamine. Our analytical chromatography laboratory is equipped with five Agilent high throughput Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometers with DAD and ELSD each allowing testing over 600 samples daily. The available hardware and developed methods enable accurate analysis of versatile compound classes.

GCMS: Volatile products are tested with three Agilent GCMS instruments.

Measurement of optical purity is carried out by a number of methods described in details in a separate brochure.

Certificates of analysis provide batch specific information on purity of our building blocks. They can be found in each shipment. Spectral data for the screening compounds can be provided on demand. Please contact us at should you need any help.

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