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Press Releases
Optibrium and Enamine collaboration extends commercial compound database access for StarDrop users
September 4, 2018

Optibrium™ today announced a collaboration with Enamine. The collaboration provides StarDrop™ users with easy access to EnamineStore, a database of their commercially available screening compounds and chemical building blocks. StarDrop has been developed to connect seamlessly with a wide variety of internal and external informatics systems and this latest partnership further extends the wealth of information available to users through StarDrop and its capabilities for small molecule design, optimisation and data analysis in drug discovery.

StarDrop provides free access to the Enamine database to easily search for commercially available compounds and building blocks. Enamine has over 3.3 million screening compounds and a further library of 7.8 million building blocks available to order from EnamineStore. The link enables users not only to search for specific compounds, but also find those that are structurally similar to their most interesting hits and leads or contain relevant substructures. This provides an invaluable tool for researchers to quickly enrich the understanding of their chemical structure-activity relationships.
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Enamine and TBD Biodiscovery collaborate to provide GMP-based services
June 19, 2018

Enamine and TBD Biodiscovery have entered into a collaboration agreement. The partnership aims to manage the transition of chemical synthesis of novel intermediates from laboratory to bulk scale under GMP standards utilizing Enamine’s know-how and process development expertise. This will help researchers meet the manufacturing feasibility criteria required for drug candidate selection, providing a rapid and cost effective scaled supply of new compounds.
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New REAL Space Navigator Breaks Billion Compound Barrier
June 04, 2018

Enamine Ltd., a leading compound supplier and BioSolveIT GmbH, a premium provider of drug discovery software, today announced the availability of the next generation of REAL Space Navigator, an efficient search tool within the world’s largest purchasable chemical space. Originally launched in February this year, Version 2 of REAL Space Navigator now offers ‘search and find’ access to an incredible 3.8 billion small molecular weight compounds ready for purchase.
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Enamine collaborates with ChemAxon to create a convenient web-based search in immense chemical space
March 15, 2018

Enamine and ChemAxon today announced the launch of jointly-created online resource (available at EnamineStore.com) to allow researchers worldwide to explore the chemical space of REAL database. The resource is aimed to provide the drug discovery community with the efficient solutions in hit-to-lead development. The querying of the chemical space is empowered by ChemAxon’s proprietary fast similarity search tool – MadFast, delivering sub-second response against hundreds of millions of molecules.
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Enamine and BioSolveIT Launch the World's Largest Searchable Chemical Space for Novel Compound Sourcing
February 08, 2018

Enamine and BioSolveIT today announced the launch of the ‘REAL Space Navigator’. Jointly developed, the new software tool capitalizes on Enamine’s REAL (readily accessible) virtual compound concept and provides efficient ‘search & find’ access to more than 640 million pharma-oriented molecules, to date the world's largest chemical space of commercially accessible compounds.
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Enamine expands collaboration with UCSF
January 25, 2018

Enamine Ltd. has today announced that it has expanded its collaboration on ZINC, a comprehensive online database of purchasable compounds curated by the Irwin and Shoichet laboratories in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Via ZINC, Enamine will provide researchers at UCSF and the global drug-discovery community with access to the company’s REAL database, a unique database of more than 300 million novel synthetically feasible chemical structures as an efficient source of potential new compounds for a breadth of drug discovery projects.
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Enamine supplies DSI poised fragment and analogue libraries to Diamond Light Source XChem facility and SGC Oxford screening efforts
January 10, 2018

Diamond Light Source (Diamond) and the Structural Genomic Consortium (SGC) Oxford announced today that Enamine will become a key supplier of poised fragment and analogue libraries to its XChem facility. Enamine will offer a new generation of the hit-finding library, Diamond-SGC-iNEXT (DSI) Poised Library to enable fast and productive fragment-based lead discovery (FBLD).
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Axxam enters into a Research Collaboration with Enamine
August 01, 2017

Axxam S.p.A. and Enamine Ltd. announced the start of a Research Collaboration to enhance the Axxam small molecule screening library with the addition of a further set of compounds aimed at early-stage CNS drug discovery, achieving a total library size of ca. 280 000 compounds.
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Enamine to Collaborate with EMBL for Cancer Drug Discovery Research
April 25, 2017

Enamine Ltd. and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) have agreed to establish a collaboration whereby Enamine provides library synthesis, medicinal chemistry and biological services for the discovery and development of novel small molecules against EMBL’s proprietary anti-cancer targets.
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Enamine expands collaboration with Actelion Pharmaceuticals
January 23, 2017

Enamine Ltd. has announced that it has agreed to expand its collaboration in early drug discovery with Actelion Pharmaceuticals, covering therapeutic areas including cardiovascular and central nervous system disorders, immunology, infectious diseases and oncology.
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Enamine and Pcovery extend drug discovery collaboration
November 22, 2016

Enamine Ltd. and Danish biotech company Pcovery have announced that they have extended their collaboration for the discovery of new drugs for the treatment of invasive fungal infections and platform technology development.
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Enamine and FCH Group collaborate to extend compound library synthesis program
October 24, 2016

Enamine Ltd., a chemical company, producer of building blocks and screening libraries, announced today that it had signed a collaboration agreement with small molecule design house FCH Group Ltd (FCH).
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Chem-Space Launches to Provide Largest Global Chemical Database and Search Tool
March 01, 2016

Enamine, ChemBridge Corporation, UORSY and FCH Group today announced launch of Chem-Space, a global e-procurement marketplace solution for searching, purchasing and selling chemical building blocks. The Chem-Space database currently encompasses over 15 million unique molecular building blocks, and is the world’s largest chemicals library.
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Enamine is expanding its purification and analytical units to enhance library synthesis offering
November 12, 2015

Enamine is announcing today the expansion of its Purification and Analytical Units to enable synthesis of 30 000 high quality screening library compounds monthly. Such expansion represents the largest development to date of its library synthesis capabilities.
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Enamine Announces Extension of Collaboration with Sanofi in Early Drug Discovery
December 18, 2014

Following the success since 2012 the collaboration with Sanofi aiming at finding of new valuable hit series in most challenging screening campaigns has been extended.
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Drug Discovery collaboration with BioVersys AG extended
December 02, 2014

Collaboration with BioVersys AG aiming at discovery of novel treatments against bacterial infections has been extended for the 4th consecutive year.
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Axxam acquires a 240 000 carefully selected compounds library from Enamine for drug discovery programs
September 23, 2013

Axxam S.p.A., a contract research and discovery company, announced today that an entirely new generation screening collection is now available for drug discovery programs: AXXDIV2.0 made up with 240 000 carefully selected small molecules.
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Enamine Provides Exquiron with Large Novel Diverse Screening Compound Library
June 03, 2013

Enamine and Exquiron are announcing a multi-year collaboration wherby Exquiron is acquiring a large screening compounds libraries from Enamine.
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ChanTest announces drug discovery services using the Enamine 3D compound library
October 15, 2012

3D Diversity Set from Enamine, containg 50 000 drug-like compounds, has been selected by ChanTest for their dicovery services using powerful HTS of Ion Channels, GPCRs and Transporters in partnership with pharma and biotech companies.
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Enamine creates the alliance to discover novel Rhomboid Protease inhibitors as potential drugs
June 06, 2012

A collaboration agreement has been signed between Enamine, the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology (MRC LMB), Cambridge, UK, and the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (IOCB), Prague, Czech Republic. The new alliance is aimed at discovering novel Rhomboid Protease inhibitors as potential drugs to treat infectious, parasitic, oncological, immune and cardiovascular diseases. Enamine will provide the MRC LMB and IOCB with access to its integrated drug discovery capabilities, including Molecular Modeling, Compound Library, Screening Assays, Hit Finding and Characterization, Hit to Lead Chemistry and ADMET. The three parties will seek to partner the small molecule inhibitors generated with pharmaceutical companies for onward clinical development. The collaboration agreement was negotiated by MRC Technology on behalf of MRC LMB.
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Collaboration agreement has been signed with UORSY
April 18, 2012

Enamine and UkrOrgSynthesis Ltd (UORSY), a leading Ukrainian supplier of chemical building blocks and compounds for high-throughput screening, announced they have signed a collaboration agreement to offer chemical building blocks to the drug discovery industry cooperatively. By combining their catalogues, the companies become the largest global manufacturer and seller of building blocks, with 60 000 products available from stock for immediate delivery and an array of ca. 8 million tangible building blocks deliverable with synthetic success rate of 80%.
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Enamine Provides Large Novel Diverse Compound Screening Library To Extend Relationship with BioFocus
January 31, 2012

Enamine Ltd, a leading provider of screening compounds and chemical building blocks, today announced it has extended its long-standing relationship with BioFocus, with the acquisition by BioFocus of a large new compound screening library. The library will be available to BioFocus HTS collaborators in early 2012.
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Molplex and Enamine announced a new partnership
January 24, 2010

Molplex and Enamine announced a new partnership to offer Enamine's screening compounds through the Molplex on-line drug design and assay ready chemical supply services. The agreement is a major step towards eliminating the high start-up costs of drug discovery, bringing sophisticated drug design, compound management and assay ready chemistry to the world's drug discovery scientists on demand. The agreement adds Molplex online drug design systems to the deep experience in organic chemistry and compound management of Enamine to solve the problem of generating viable chemical leads for novel targets.
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