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ADME/T and DMPK Services

Enamine Bioanalytical Laboratory "Bienta" offers a broad range of in vitro ADMET and pharmacokinetic assays, either as separate studies or as a value-adding extension to Enamine medicinal chemistry services.

Standard in vitro ADMET tests

  • Aqueous solubility (laser nephelometry or shake glass protocols, filter plate or shake flask protocols, UV or LS-MS-MS detection)
  • logD/logP (n-octanol/aqueous buffer)
  • Plasma protein binding (human, rat, mouse), albumin binding
  • Compound stability in plasma, aqueous buffers, solvents
  • Microsomal stability (human, rat, mouse)
  • CYP450 inhibition, major isoforms
  • Caco-2 and PAMPA permeability assays
  • in vitro toxicity/genotoxicity (Predictor hERG Assay, Ames test).

Our laboratory is constantly expanding its bioanalytical services and can rapidly develop new and customize existing bioanalytical methods.

We also provide pharmacokinetic and toxicity studies in small animals. In 2016, Bienta opened an on-site laboratory facility for in vivo studies in rodents.

Bioanalytical instrumentation platform

  • Three PE Sciex API 3000 triple quadrupole mass spectrometers
  • Shimadzu VP HPLC systems with diode array UV-VIS detectors
  • A variety of robotic liquid handlers
  • Molecular Devices SpectraMax Plus plate reader
  • Comprehensive set of sample preparation equipment.

Our bioanalytical laboratory has national regulatory certification for providing bioanalytical support of clinical bioavailability and bioequivalence studies. 

Please proceed to the Bienta website for more information and assay details.

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