Covalent Fragment Library

Diverse covalent warheads with balanced reactivity

Covalent chemical probes have become a hot topic in drug discovery within last few years. The impressive number of successful applications in protein drugability assessment and in investigation of enzymes functions brought aspiration to discovery of new covalent modifiers. However, further progress in this area is limited by availability of new covalent fragments with balanced molecular properties. We have recently elaborated parallel chemistry approaches to synthesis of new libraries encompassing covalent fragments of various classes. Only within last year Enamine has synthesized over 15 000 new covalent binders using automated parallel chemistry. The acquired knowledge on stability and selectivity was applied to design of our new Covalent Fragment Library.

This enhanced version of up to 5 000 carefully selected diverse covalent fragments will shortly be available in most popular pre-plated formats. All compounds pass QC check before formatting to ensure quality of our library.

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Key features

  • Careful choice of warheads: only experimentally confirmed reactivity reported in the literature!
  • Fragments plated by classes that can be acquired separately
  • Novel compounds featuring renowned Enamine Building Blocks

Examples of the molecules