Cereblon ligands and functionalized intermediates

CRBN binders and their functionalized analogs

Cereblon (CRBN) is one of the most explored E3 ligase used for the construction of PROTACs and different functionalized tool compounds. The most extensive research has been done in this area. We have also been working on thalidomide-like and glutarimide chemistry for years and gained versatile experience in this chemistry field. New Building Blocks have been synthesized along with extensively elaborated approaches in modification of common intermediates. This knowledge allowed as to create over 500 000 REAL CRBN focused compounds based on a range of synthesized in-stock intermediates.

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Building Blocks for parallel chemistry

  • CRBN Building Blocks in stock – over 200 intermediates
  • CRBN MADE Building Blocks – 10 000+ compounds
  • CRBN MADE Building Blocks with linkers – over 80 000 compounds

CRBN focused products

  • Thalidomide-like, and other celebron ligands and ligands with linkers in-stock – 5 500
  • Glutarimides in stock – over 3 000 compounds
  • CRBN binders – pre-plated 320 compounds
  • REAL Molecular Glues – 3.5 M compounds
  • Custom CRBN ligands and ligands with linkers
  • REAL CRBN ligands with covalent warheads

Representative examples of CRBN binders with varying linkers


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